How to get your dApp listed on Saturn Wallet


Upcoming Saturn Wallet versions will include a saved list of dApps for our users to easily access and interact with, you can find the current list of dApps included in our wallet here:

Currently, this is an initiative to help developers on Ethereum Classic find a userbase for their new ETC dApps, therefore, promoting the development and growth of dApps on ETC which at the moment really is in its infancy.

We will periodically update the list of dApps included, if you have developed an ETC dApp or ETC game and would like to see it listed on Saturn Wallet please follow this process:

  1. Create an introduction post for your project in this section of our forum and come let our users know about your post in our telegram discussion group also. If your dApp is live please include a link to the smart contract via a blockchain explorer.
  2. We require a logo to list your dApp in Saturn Wallet, this needs to be in .png format on a transparent background, it must be square and atleast 200x200.
  3. Ensure you have set up a social media presence to support your dApp. This could be a discord group, a telegram group, a twitter account or a subreddit etc… somewhere that our users would be able to contact you if needed.
  4. Reach out to me via forum message @samr that you would like your dApp to be listed.
  5. There is no fee to be listed in our wallet, however, we may have a forum vote or ask our twitter followers if they would like to see your dApp listed. So it is important to promote your dApp a bit first and have some existing users, but we are more than happy for you to promote your dApp to our community.
  6. If we go ahead with the listing then we will confirm to you when you can expect it to happen.

If you have any queries about the process, feel free to ask.

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