How to import an existing MetaMask or ClassicMask account

Saturn Wallet allows you to import your existing MetaMask or ClassicMask account easily, you just need your seed phrase that was set when you created your account.

  1. On the account creation page, simply select the “Restore from seed phrase” option, fill it in and click “Ok” then your restored account will open.

  2. If you have lost your seed phrase, you can retrieve it in MetaMask or ClassicMask as long as you have your password. At the top right click the triple bar icon and select “Settings”, then you can do the following:

  3. Once you have revealed your seed words, you can return to step 1 and import your account to Saturn Wallet.

  4. After importing your account and saving your seed words securely, please turn off MetaMask / ClassicMask or remove the entirely. If you leave them running, Saturn Wallet will not function correctly.

Eric @Stish shared this guide on How To Import Your MetaMask Wallet into Saturn Wallet earlier on our telegram, written up by a stish community member. Thought I would share it here in case anyone is struggling to find their seed phrase in the new MetaMask UI.