How to Setup an Ethereum Classic Wallet on a Mobile Phone Using Trust Wallet (2 minute tutorial)


  1. Download Trust Wallet:

Apple iOS:

Android :

  1. Go to Settings > Wallets

  1. Tap the info button for the first wallet.

  1. Show the backup phrase.

  1. Copy the backup phrase. Write it down somewhere, and keep it safe.

  1. Go back to the wallets page. And hit the + button in the corner

  1. Import Wallet

  1. Select Ethereum Classic (ETC)

  1. Put in the recovery words from earlier, and import it. You can name the wallet anything.

  1. Tap “Done”

  1. Your ETC wallet should now be in your wallets page.

  1. Tap on it.

  1. Now you are ready to use Ethereum Classic Dapps like P3C and Saturn Exchange.


great tutorial!


Thanks! I was struggling with Trust Wallet :confused:


Thanks for making this :slight_smile:


Also note anyone trying to use a wallet they have created in MetaMask or Saturn Wallet and import it into Trust as an ETC wallet, this will not work via seed phrase. You would only be able to import with your private key, so we do not recommend doing that. It is safer for you to do the following:

  1. Follow above guide to create a new ETC wallet in Trust.
  1. Send your funds from your existing wallet to your new Trust wallet address.

Also this allows you to start a clear separation between what you use on Mobile and what you use on Desktop!