How To Trade Ethereum Tokens On Saturn Network With Coinbase Wallet


If you are only interested in trading Ethereum tokens on Saturn Network then you do have several options you can use as a compatible dApp browser such as MetaMask or our own Saturn Wallet. What about if you would like to continue buying & selling Ethereum tokens while you are on the go? We have developed Saturn Network exchange to be entirely mobile friendly, but, browser extensions never work very well on mobile(in most cases they do not work at all!) which is why if you want to keep the same user-friendly experience you have on your desktop or laptop using MetaMask or Saturn Wallet is not an option.

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I followed these instructions and it was easy peasy and makes sense of the video now. This is the quality I was talking about in the video comment I made. Thanks! #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas


What’s the difference between the Android Toshi Holding Coinbase wallet and the Coinbase wallet by Coinbase?

I am looking for the easiest way of buying a few hundred dollars worth of ETC. Any suggestions that don’t cost a fortune?


It looks like “real” Coinbase wallet app might not have DApp browser.

Can you actually buy ETC with the Toshi Holdings version or would we need to transfer ETC from one wallet to another once we have bought it with the “real” app?


there is “Coinbase” app that doesn’t have a dApp wallet, and a “Coinbase Wallet” app that does. Both are real, just bad naming (perhaps intentional) chosen by Coinbase executives.

Toshi is the old name for “Coinbase Wallet”. You can also try Trust Wallet - that has ETC support and dApp browser. Coinbase Wallet only has ETH dApp support.

I think you’d have to use the “Coinbase” app to buy ETC, and then transfer it to your Saturn Wallet or to your Trust wallet.