How to update a listed token's contract address



As Saturn Protocol supports automated token self-listing and is censorship free, we would not remove any existing tokens from the exchange - its not possible. We realize that teams do occasionally update their token’s contract address, here is how we would deal with this situation.

  1. First follow our token self-listing guide and list your token again using the new contract:
  1. In our Github account find the token’s current entry in the relevant ETH or ETC .JSON file and amend the token’s contract address. Also amend any other details if they have been updated also such as the website or token logo.
  2. Submit a pullrequest for the changes to be updated, once confirmed, the new token listing will have the token’s logo and details attached to it whereas the old contract will no longer have any details attached to it.
  3. Make sure you post in the token’s forum announcement about the updates also to make everyone aware of the changes.