How to use Brave Browser with Ethereum dApps


Brave is a new generation internet browser that's focused on privacy. Out of the box it helps you browse the internet faster by blocking ads, online trackers, and other ad malware that's omnipresent in modern day internet. By blocking the tracking scripts from ever being downloaded Brave also helps you save money on metered internet, as much as $23 a month according to their marketing materials.

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These directions were easy to follow. But I guess I will have to import the wallet from the Saturn Wallet I just made on Chrome, lol. It is okay I found out about the Brave Browser afterwards. Yes, importing did the trick. I have seen some other articles/blogs that deal with how to buy crypto and how to read the charts, tricks and techniques to trading and a lot more information that I haven’t seen on the other exchanges. I bought some BAT coin on Coinbase the other day and then I found out about the Brave browser and how the two work together. I have learned more here in just a few hours than I have learned in a year everywhere else.