How to use MetaMask to participate in our ICO with STN




If you are holding your STN tokens in a MetaMask wallet, I thought you may need help on how to participate in our crowdsale. If you are holding STN in MEW or Cipher, you can just send it from there to the ICO address(MetaMask is not a requirement.) you will still receive your SATURN immediately.

As MetaMask cannot actually send custom tokens just see them.

You can use:

MAIN ICO CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xbb9303164bf36d92dddb805f267463d9688fe472

You can also check it on Etherscan:

So to repeat you need to send STN here:


  1. First, you will need to add the STN token and SATURN token into your wallet, if you have not already. You can do that by clicking “Contracts” at the top right.

  2. At the bottom you will see “Custom Tokens” here you need to click “Watch Token” and fill in the “Token Contract Address” found with the below details. Do this for both tokens.

STN Token
Token Contract Address: 0x599346779e90fc3F5F997b5ea715349820F91571
Token Symbol: STN
Decimals: 4

Saturn DAO Token
Token Contract Address: 0xb9440022a095343b440d590fcd2d7a3794bd76c8
Token Symbol: SATURN
Token Standard: ERC223
Decimals: 4

  1. You should then be able to see STN and SATURN as a custom token in your wallet, you can then click “Send” and send your STN to our main ICO address.

  2. Fill in the “Send” page like this:

  1. Once you click “Send” and click “Ok” you will receive a MetaMask confirmation to confirm the transaction.

  2. You will then receive your SATURN tokens!

  3. You can also add SATURN token directly into your MetaMask wallet by following the steps found here.

And that is all, welcome to the Saturn DAO! Let me know if you have any queries.

Saturn Network Guides

Gas fees are through the roof right now. Saturn Tokens must be hot! Nice job on explaining exactly what to do.


2 Gwei right now according to ethgasstation. That’s pretty standard these days and not too much - like $0.14 per transaction