How to use our MultiChain HODL dApp with MetaMask



Here is a little step by step tutorial on how you can use our new MultiChain HODL dApp with MetaMask.

How to use our MultiChain HODL dApp with MetaMask

  1. Decide if you are going to use ETH or ETC (if you would like to receive Saturn DAO tokens or Saturn Classic tokens). If you wish to use ETC, you will first need to add Ethereum Classic as a network to MetaMask.
  2. Log into MetaMask and access our MultiChain HODL dApp here:
  3. Make sure MetaMask is connected to the correct network depending on which HODL dApp you want to use: Ethereum or Ethereum Classic.
  4. On this example, we can see I have opened the ETC HODL dApp so I am connected to the Ethereum Classic network.
  5. After selecting which Bonus plan I would like to use, fill in the exchange details and once you are happy click Exchange and HODL
  6. This will open a MetaMask notification to sign the transaction. If you are happy with the details click Confirm.
  7. You will then be greeted with a full receipt that will summarize your HODL:

And you can also check the redeem page to monitor your tokens that are locked up in the dApp:

All done! Welcome to Saturn DAO :slight_smile: and happy HODLing!

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