How to use Saturn Launchpad



You can learn about the benefits of using Saturn Launchpad for your token sale via IDEO here:

How to use Saturn Launchpad

There are two steps to setting up your Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO) on our upcoming launchpad service, that you will find on our exchange website Saturn Network when live.

If you need any help just ask!

Make sure you list your token on price tracking sites

To help highlight your project and bring more participants to your IDEO, we recommend you ensure your token is listed on every price tracking site that has integrated Saturn Network exchange. As more participants enter your token sale, your token will report a higher trading volume and help you attract more investors.

You can also list your IDEO on ICO & IEO calendar websites

Another good idea is to list your token sale on ICO or IEO calendar websites as they are a good place to start when it comes to finding crypto investors. Unfortunately, if you do not have a budget to pay for their “premium” packages then the results are limited but I would still recommend adding your project to various calendars just because currently there are not too many IEOs happening so on calendar sites that filter by IEO your project can stand out.

There are hundreds of these types of sites, here is a list that I know will allow free listings ranked by traffic for you:

Website Traffic 79,700,000 11,000,000 8,700,000 7,700,000 3,700,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 665,700 601,800 492,800 390,200 340,700 339,200 304,900 272,900 247,300 231,300 210,400 139,100 133,200 122,200 121,500 114,200 108,700 108,400 103,300 101,000 83,500 77,100 68,600 66,500 64,600 62,900 49,700 44,600 42,700 42,400 40,000 36,400 34,400 34,100 32,600 29,100 28,300 27,400 25,200 24,900 23,600 21,900 16,600 15,000 14,300 12,900 12,200 11,700 11,300 11,300 10,200 8,000 7,000 6,000 2,900 2,600 1,800 1,600

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Saturn Launchpad page is now visible on our website:

What do we think?


I don’t plan on launching my own token, at least not anytime soon, but for those that do plan to try their luck the Saturn.Network IDEO is the place to go. The knowledge and help you can receive from the people on Saturn is worth a lot. By using the Saturn.Network to launch your new token it won’t cost you anything, which using any other exchange can be an expensive start-up cost. The friendly community is always eager and quick to help. Let’s face it the entire Saturn community benefits if your launch and token are successful.

This is a little different question about the IDEO, I was wanting to invest in it but they are saying, “MS token will be available on our website.
You’ll receive tokens at the end of sale, once completed KYC process.” I have a problem with the KYC process because I don’t have a current drivers license and can’t really get a new one and don’t really want to get the new national ID. Anyway, my question is, is there a way to get around the KYC process? I am not sure what exactly the KYC process is? I maybe worrying about something that I don’t even need to worry about.

I am impressed at the list of sites you have compiled to help promote ICOs. Of course I have been impressed with everything that the Saturn.Network has done and plans to do. I am glad to be a small part of this growing community.


Hey @fhstralow thanks for words of support! I think for questions about Masternode Invest and any KYC process for their project, probably best to ask in their own topic to confirm with them directly:

What I can confirm is there will definitely be no need to submit to a KYC process to use our launchpad platform, it will be just as easy as trading tokens on the exchange. So you will not have any problems participating in any upcoming IDEO’s if you wish to do so, and you will receive any tokens you buy immediately.


As always @sam I appreciate your quick response and I guess they actually go on sale tomorrow June 1st until the 8th of June!


Hi, sorry for late reply, so, you dont need to make kyc to partecipate in IDEO round sale of Masternode Invest start tomorrow ( 01/06/2019) on Saturn Exchange, you will receive your token’s immediately in your wallet.

In a second time you need to register and make kyc on our platform ( ) to be eligible to receive masternode monthly eth revenue, remember, only who old more than 3000 MS token will receive revenue, more you hold more revenue you will receive.

In your reserved area you need also to add your eth address (not an exchange wallet) where you want to receive revenue, the best choise is send revenue where you hold ms token.

I’ll invite you to read our whitepaper too to fully understand our platform.

here our international telegram chat:

Thank’s very much!