How to use Trust Wallet on Saturn Network



We have recently become 100% mobile friendly with Trust Wallet support. This little guide will show you how to set up your Trust Wallet settings correctly so you can trade on Saturn Network without leaving the App.

By default when Trust Wallet is in multi-currency mode its dApp browser is set up to interact with Ethereum which will work perfectly to trade any ETH tokens. However, as Saturn Network is live on ETH and ETC it may be easier to set up your wallet in single currency mode so you can easily trade on both chains.

Things To Know Before You Proceed:

  • Trust Wallet’s gas estimations are not always ideal, we recommend you higher your gas limit manually before approving a transaction, setting 160k gas limit should be fine for any transaction, remember unspent gas is refunded to you.
  • All trading on Saturn Network is done in ONE transaction. This means you could be sending ETH or ETC, receiving your bought tokens and also receiving your SATURN reward within the same transaction. Trust Wallet is currently unable to parse this correctly and will not display your full transaction history.

How to use Trust Wallet in Single Currency mode to Trade on Saturn Network

Step 1. You need to set up a wallet to use which you can create in by selecting “Settings” and then “Wallets” until you are on the following screen:

Step 2. Copy down and save your seed phrase safely, to complete the creation of your multi-currency wallet.

Step 3. Return to the create wallet screen, this time click on “Import Wallet” and select “Ethereum” or “Ethereum Classic.” Then enter in your saved seed phrase from step 2. This will set up your wallet in single currency mode for the selected network. Please note Trust will not import a wallet you created in MetaMask or Saturn Wallet with its seed phrase correctly as it uses a different derivation path, you could use your private key, but we recommend making a new account in Trust and then sending your funds from MetaMask or Saturn Wallet.

Step 4. Now you just need to ensure you have selected your ETH or ETC wallet and not multi-currency before opening the dApp browser:


If you have done everything correctly, once you click “dApps” on Trust Wallet, you will see Saturn Network as a bookmark like the following:

Another way to check everything is working correctly is once you open the exchange’s landing page you should see the ETC logo or ETH logo in the top right, depending on which network you are using.

And thats all! You are now ready to open a token’s order book & trade!

If you come across any display issues on Trust Wallet or have any feedback for how we could improve your experience on mobile please let us know here: Provide feedback & suggest new features!

Happy trading! If you need any help just ask!

Updated Trust wallet
Getting Started

Please note, if you have created your wallet in MetaMask or Saturn Wallet, you will no longer be able to import it into Trust Wallet via seed phrase. If you really want to import your wallet then you would need to use your private key, however, we do not recommend this. If you would like to use Trust Wallet it would be better to do the following:

  1. Create a fresh new wallet address directly in Trust.
  2. Send your funds from MetaMask/Saturn Wallet to your new Trust wallet address.

This way you can create a clear separation between your “Mobile” and “Desktop” accounts.