1- where do you team working, that your team take source ?
2- why do i check on github, that i see small proof of work?
3- who dirrect is working .that make out project as,,, and DAO…ete

  1. We are based worldwide, and our core development team has elected to remain anonymous. You can find our statement concerning this decision here:

If you are asking about Saturn Wallet’s source, it is an independent fork of MetaMask. Though at this stage I would say we really are already well moved away from the original!

  1. Though we intend to be opensource in the future currently this is not the case, we mostly use github to publish parts of our project that we have already made opensource like our ERC20 to ERC223 upgrade protocol or timelocked crowdsale smart contract so I would not use it as an indicator of what we have been doing. More I would look at releases like Radex Classic and Saturn Wallet!

  2. Our team structure is on the main website, I am not 100% sure how our developers organise themselves and who works on what, as that is not down to me. I would imagine at the moment much of their work overlaps, as we scale and our team grows we will make sure to update our website. I am sure @Neuron would love to have teams dedicated to one blockchain in the future! :slight_smile: