I lost my fund in saturn network

i create a buy order in saturn network. they cut my balance but i didn’t get my token. even they didn’t showing my buy order. i checked many times in old saturn and new saturn, but can’t find my order or my balance. Are they steal my doller or it’s unintentional???!

here is transection details: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x69a9099b11b465e4dab935f72d6a6762dd38fcd8c67de726109c2d58ed99a279

Hello @meizanur thank you for your reports. Sorry for any inconvenience, we are aware of this issue and have been actively monitoring it. Please note all your funds are safe, our exchange is powered by smart contracts it is impossible to lose funds.

We have now implemented a new code upgrade to improve blockchain synchronisation stability that should resolve the missing order bug. Let us know if you still experience issues!