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One thing that I want to start sharing and discussing, is the use of ICO trackers in our industry and other ICO marketing services. It seems to almost be a taboo subject, to share data or metrics of what these services can do for you. When you google around, you can not find anyone discussing solid numbers or ROI, just here is a list of trackers you should use or known marketing services.

I think this can be a great way to help new cryptocurrency projects when they start off and have limited marketing budgets. Where should they spent? Over the past few months, I have received countless emails guaranteeing me that their service can send us to the moon and back. Yet no one seems to be able to back it up with solid claims, many just advise you to check their domain on a service like similiarweb. Let’s remember that traffic can easily be botted or they could even be signed up for referral schemes that pay people to click on their links. For anyone that is new to crypto but not to marketing, it just seems bizarre that no one can back up their claims. Surely people are tracking it? I believe we should be sharing it. Especially when you pay for a service that does not deliver.

So I am going to make it point of sharing data which I believe can be valuable and helpful for everyone! The goal will be to generate a healthy discussion on this topic, helping people stay away from ICO marketing scams and knowing where they can find the best results.

This is from the 30th March to 1st June 2018, traffic sent to https://saturn.network that was confirmed to come from these sources:

ICO Tracker Users Average session duration
icoalert.com 185 0:01:44
icodrops.com 183 0:00:35
ico-list.com 174 0:01:52
smithandcrown.com 42 0:05:44
wiserico.com 21 0:05:00
coinjinja.com 19 0:00:24
ico-digest.com 18 0:00:25
coingecko.com 12 0:00:13
thetokener.com 11 0:02:14
iconomical.pro 9 0:02:59
investing.com 9 0:03:05
foxico.com 8 0:01:03
icoguide.com 7 0:00:00
icotop.io 7 0:00:10
foundico.com 6 0:03:41
icobazaar.com 4 0:02:29
icodata.io 4 0:00:00

Lets start with discussing two trackers on here that we paid to be listed on:

ico-list.com - 1.5 ETH.

This tracker does not look amazing and by all accounts is lacking some modern features to filter your searches, but they have been providing us with a steady stream of users since being listed. I feel for the results the price is very justified and will pay for itself. A good thing to know is they are a popular Chinese tracker, so if you are looking to raise your brand awareness in China this is a good option that won’t break the bank.

wiserico.com - 2.9 ETH, (PRO package: The PRO service includes mailing (19,000+), push notifications for all the users of the website. Posts in the social media twitter (7,000+ followers), post on Facebook (6,900+ followers), post in the telegram channel (3,000+ followers).

So far very disappointing, I would love to know if any of the projects that have paid to be in their “Hot ICOs” which costs 7.9 ETH for 1 month to receive “much more traffic”. I will keep you posted, but as it stands I recommend staying away from this one, I do not trust them to actually have real traffic. A red flag is their telegram channel which does not allow for discussion, so could just be 3000 bots. That being said the users that they did send to the website stayed a while and seemed to read our content, which can only mean good things!

Let’s talk about some of the free listings:

icodrops.com - free listing in the sandbox section

icodrops definitely has a very large community, the minute we were listed there our telegram group doubled overnight. And an important note is we are only listed in their sandbox section (which is hard to find on their website). The users they send seem to not browse very long at all though, this could be due to our website only being in English and icodrops has a large Russian following. Something to consider, if you are thinking about paying their 1600 USD per day advertising fees.

icobazaar.com - free listing

Known to be one of the industry’s premium trackers. If you want to be featured on this tracker you are looking at 0.55 BTC for 1 week, 1.2 BTC for 3 weeks or 2 BTC for 45 days. Has anyone tried that? With 4 clicks in two months, they do not inspire me with confidence. I believe the problem here is there may just be too many listings.

smithandcrown.com - free listing

Great results if you can be listed here, a steady stream of users who appear to be investors looking for great projects: shown by the time they spend on the website. I do not believe they have any premium packages either.

Well I think that is enough food for thought at the moment! I hope to grow this section of the forum and get many more people involved.

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Hope to see you enter the discussion! Which trackers have you used or services have you paid for?




Indeed, ICODrop is very influential. Last time, I participated in HoloToken ICO. The team decided to list in ICODrop last several days and the cap went double. The downside is that not all project decide to drop fee for listing in ICO tracker is a good project. ICO tracker is place for lazy investor to look at. What investor should do is looking for the trend of current market and which project can aim to solve the problem. This task is not easy and it involves investor skill to access. Many valid projects are not listed in ICO tracker though.


I think this is a great idea. We were looking at coinist and and several on your list. Also I just received an email that looks interesting. It appears to be legit. The concept could possible be reinvented for Radex.ai. I know you guys are building a reputable respected brand but there could be some room for some token promotion offers in the future. ( I’ll send you the email)

I like that you are sharing some ideas with people. Many noobs, myself included have spent countless hours trying to wrap our minds around “Built Token, Now What?” kind of questions. We @ https://SteemThat.com were lucky to really be building a community around another project and then found a way to reward people who joined and then wanted to tokenize their contributions to our community. Which I’m looking forward to someone building a plugin for Rados tokenization which I would like to borrow for our own forum one day. (So Off Topic.)

Yes marketing ROI is needed and Sharing it freely is awesome to help new folks get started. Ultimately if any of us hit it kinda big we can help others in the community by sharing that knowledge. I know we will monitor our madness and methods and see how we are doing and can share that with others to give them some ideas. I can even write some articles about it to assist in helping people. To me the community around the token is what has real value. Of course the token does too and the use case , code , etc but the community is what drives it from 0.00001 to 10,000.00000 right. So Anything that will work to build community along with the sales of the token I think is smart.

Even if we see ICO sales or Token Event sales lasting a year verses days it is a smart long term strategy. After a few months turds fall to the way side while solid real tokens and communities get a little stronger and stronger. I think this helps weed out scams and actually might be a better approach for the crypto industry verses flash rises to millions where often investors are sometimes losing large amounts of cash.


This is a very interesting article about how easy it is to buy ratings on icobench

I recommend giving it a read, gave me a laugh :slight_smile:


Just thought I would give you a little update looking at some of the sources from 1st June to 24th July. This time a more focused look on press releases.

All traffic sent to https://saturn.network

ICO Tracker Users Average session duration
findico.io 168 00:00:57
cointelegraph.com 96 00:02:33
ccn.com 25 00:01:55
ethereumworldnews.com 10 00:02:20

findico.io - free?

No idea how we were listed on this platform and I definitely have suspicions about their traffic, I assume we were listed there on 22nd June as that is when the traffic started. However, browsing on their site it seems like it would be very difficult to find us, does anyone use this platform? Also much of the information on our profile is a little incorrect. With the users only spending under a minute on the website, I find it hard to believe they are not using some referral bot traffic scheme to boost their numbers in hopes of conning ICOs into paying their premium fees.

Maybe I am wrong, anyone would like to share?

cointelegraph.com - 1 BTC (Press release)

The goal here was not really traffic, more brand awareness which I believe was achieved. This article helped really helped build up the hype for Radex Classic and Saturn Network in ETC’s community because many smaller blogs and websites wrote about us as a result. I believe this article was high in ETC’s subreddit also at the time, which in turn would have really helped spread the word about us. From this point on we probably received ETC investment everyday, definitely playing a part in how we reached our hard cap in 57 days!

ethereumworldnews.com - 300$

Another press release we did which was more for announcing Saturn Wallet, this was a much smaller news site. Though the article definitely was noticed and we saw a couple of other websites write pieces about us as a result. We were able capitalize off this by using twitter to create hype around Radex Classic being launched, people really got behind #SATURNday that weekend. Definitely saw an influx of new users into our community, mostly on telegram, who were very interested in anything we developed for ETC.

ccn.com - $1798

This is the latest press release we published, more of a focus on how we are helping projects develop on ETC. I guess it is still a little early to say the outcome? Hopefully we caught the eye of some developers :slight_smile: I would say it appears less blogs or news outlets picked up on our ccn article. It was however much longer, maybe if you are looking for your article to be “rewritten” by other outlets it is better to keep it short?

I hope that helps any ICOs/projects who are looking for some insights, feel free to ask any queries. And as always if you have used a service please share!