Ideas to increase liquidity for Saturn in 2019 - Strategies, Initiatives, Discussions


Brothers and sisters of the DAO,

As our team has positioned us well enough to become ready to take on the challenge and maximize on the opportunity - it has come time to place emphasis and our collective abilities on this topic, one that plagues many a DEX with nothing more than the promise when it should be the answer… I feel it to be of great potential benefit to open this topic up in the forum, as many times over our other channels the discussion moves at a very high pace and value is easily left on the table. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Increasing liquidity is a few steps down the road, and before we can get to that goal I believe it to be useful to examine how we are doing and what we can do to increase our success in the steps prior. Let us break it down for analysis and discussion:

  • Firstly, is the matter of marketing and / or strategic communications. The start of the funnel, at its widest point is all fit for the functional subject as such:
  1. Reach
  2. Impressions
  3. Awareness
  4. Conversion
  • Once arrived and welcomed to Saturn, then follows the matter of UX and Value Offering. It may seem to be quite hefty to bite off entirely, but from a top-down viewpoint it is important that the entire story links from top-to-bottom; as consistency is critical. Many of us know that we are strong in this area, as if you are like myself, one day you found yourself here on the face of Saturn and quickly recognized the value and huge progress behind what you saw and knew there was something to take home. The point of putting this up is to explicitly take these points of strength so they can be released further, farther, and to greater effect. If at the day’s end we just put together a list of key value offerings and unique selling points, it will still have been well worth the effort.

Ask yourself:

  1. What caught your attention about Saturn the first time you were here?
  2. What were your reasons for getting involved?
  3. Why is Saturn different from all other DEXs, and in what ways will it always be?
  4. What do you hope to see for Saturn in the future, and how will we get there?
  5. What do you identify with the community at Saturn? Is there a “DNA” here? If so, what makes it so?

Many of the CEXs have put great lengths into what they call, “the cliffs of user adoption” namely, where the numbers drop significantly in the process towards a fully onboarded member. Some of these may not be applicable to us, but they are worth noting nonetheless:

Cliff A: From being traffic to clicking the sign up button
Cliff B: Confirming an account and providing the email verification
Cliff C: Making the first transaction, namely - “the deposit”
Cliff D: Making the first withdrawal, usually requiring KYC verification

I hope to preface this topic and spark discussion with this post, and I haven’t even gotten into some of the ideas I would like to share and get comments for yet… I just feel that putting some structure into the topic at hand would do us more good in the long run than simply throwing ideas out there. @sam what are your thoughts?

For 2019, to Saturn! Cheers!


Ok, so I haven’t FULLY thought this through, but couldn’t we all pitch in and get a Saturn/ETH trading pair on some big exchange to drive adoption/bring awareness to Saturn.Network?
Maybe we want to avoid that? Seems like the appropriate thing to do though… ?


Of course, my last post doesn’t instantly solve the liquidity issue.


The typical key performance indicators we want to use to compare apples to apples here is CAC or “customer acquisition cost” as in the cost effectiveness of such options, defining “customer” to be say, someone who places an order onto the exchange as a market maker, for instance.

Then, there is “CLTV” for “customer life-time value” to appraise the actual return generated from such investment into acquiring said customer. CLTV extension strategies are appropriate here as well, and some strategies yield higher ROI customers than others. Getting all the strategies out and creative options to analyse is the goal of this topic thread.

At one point, the team had performed a tree diagram of the different ways of marketing the original ICO analysed against cost – and arrived at the conclusion that paying for listings at exorbitant prices at CEX’s was indeed not the best use of investor funds, and in fact, directly conflicts with our philosophy at Saturn. Nor was paying for sponsored (read: corrupt) “advisor” reviews at ICO ratings agencies… and so we forged on ahead with our ethical standard intact, to arrive at a smaller, more highly-attuned and self-selected community base that we have today.

The quality over quantity we’ve enjoyed, is our standing ground and the foundation from which we’ve believed we can build a brighter future from… and continues to strike the Saturn Network apart from the rest!


Partnerships - key partnerships are what I believe to be a critical success factor that can ‘leapfrog’ our presence into higher heights. “Building upon the shoulders of giants” is the DAO way, when I hear names like Trust Wallet integration or did I see a Coinsbank integration recently? These are very cost-effective ways to achieve what we seek and something I’d like to fuel more of throughout 2019 by committing this thread!

To that end, may I throw a few names out here for consideration:

  • DAOStack
  • Outlier Ventures (OV)
  • Trustless Bank Protocol
  • Ocean Protocol
  • XSQ Ventures

Please add/subtract/comment/initiate !


Hey @Oracuse sorry never replied to your post, thank you for the thoughts - all great! I think in being unique we stand out from the crowd, but you are right that this is not conveyed easily to anyone who was to land on our website. We will be spending some time to refactor all our content into pages that will hopefully get our message across straight away, in terms of the benefits and safety of trading on our exchange.

Definitely with our API being released I think “partnerships” or at least seeing Saturn Network listed on more websites & Apps will happen, so that is something we are actively chasing.

We have also recently published our plans for Q1 2019, which should spark some conversation also I think? Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


A crypto debit card would be a greater achievement. Many ICOs are promising this but almost no one has delivered it. If you can consider it for 2019 it would make us on top.


when KYC ?


I can promise you there will be no debit card and there will be no KYC. We leave those niches to other entrepreneurs.