Identicon > for saturn network


hey from etcdev,
im working right now on a simple to embed identicon generator.
maybe you could be interested and use it for saturn wallet ?
( it will be ready in some days - i just polish it right now )


Very cool! Will make sure our dev team has a look =)


hi scco!

i really like this identicons. That shape of blocks reminds to blockchain. really lovin it!
i would try them for sure, hope we can add it to the metamask codebase!



Looks cool! I like them.




Is it going to be part of the emerald suite?


Hey ssco. This is a nifty feature. The unique address block graphics look great. Simple & Striking.



so right now i just clean up code ( remove jquery ), minify, refactor, and probably end up with

  • npm install
  • react component
  • stand alone version ( just a single jscript to include )

i dont know yet if it will be in emerald suite ( have to talk with other members of etcdev about that ) - right now i work alone on this .

see you in some days when its ready to embed.


Nice looking forward to it :slight_smile:


hey hey - so this night i published first version

example page :

ill work a bit more on the documentation / readme tomorrow - and would love to get some feedback :slight_smile:


Well done, looks really nice! :slight_smile:


nice, gonna try this!
big ups!


cool. if you need help / have questions or suggestions with the hashicons, let me know.