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there’s some possibility to have, in add of “top5 ETH asset” and “TOP 5 ETH ASSET” a box where show IEO? as for example SATURN LAUNCHPAD IEO (or better IDEO initial decentralized exchange offer) ?

what do you think about?


I like IDEO - very cool buzzword!

From my point of view we definitely can do that but I don’t think we should. All tokens on our platform are equal, all tokens are self-listed, even Saturn. From this perspective we cannot distinguish which coin is IDEO and which coin is just being traded - decentralization means equality.

On CEX platforms they need to do the launchpad separately because they do IEO first, and only later they list on exchange. Since they have more control over the experience (because they own your crypto as opposed to you owning your crypto) they can do such things.

IMO IEOs would typically have larger budgets than existing coins, at least at this stage, so your marketing materials can point investors to; you will run market maker bot to ensure there is liquidity, and volume will come and put you in top-5 spot.

What we could do instead is potentially highlight “Recently Listed” coins to bring more attention to them.

Hope you understand what I was trying to say. I know that from customer perspective you don’t care, you just want something that’s predictable, ideally do same thing as binance. Unfortunately same thing as binance is bad for users whether they know it or not, and we do not want to cave in, we want to walk our own path.


:+1: agreed


well, i dont care about other token, most of them are sleeping project… :slight_smile: i’m CEO of mine and i work hard to promote it;

we need to have a mutual benefit, ICOHOLDER confirm that they list MASTERNODE INVEST within 2 week in they’r IEO section.

Saturn has a lot of visibility from it because we link our IEO to your exchange, all ICOHOLDER IEO user who visit IEO page will see… Masternode Invest linked to your platform.

I this can be a very good promotion for saturn… for this i think not all coins are equal as i say before…

please let me know if i need to link your main page (only if there is an IEO box with masternode invest) so user can see your HODL program too and (maybe) they can be interested to partecipate

or i list on ICOHOLDER link directly to MS trading page


I agree with not all coins are equal (the more work you put into your project the better it is obviously). Equality is a very overloaded concept. What I meant is we provide equality of opportunity - every token should have the same opportunity to have a chance for spotlight, and obviously some projects will die and some will go 10,000x - equality of outcome is not a desirable property, we’re not socialists here.

I also believe that having IDEO is much better than IEO. i.e. EtherDelta originally became popular with people because it allowed projects to get instant liquidity without having to pay multi million dollar fees. And I’m not even speaking on behalf of the exchange. Sure, I do want Saturn to grow more than anybody else does! And I personally am convinced that the path towards this growth is to create products that people love to use and keep coming back for more.

We always had this idea in mind that a project can simply list their coin on our exchange and share the link to that order - boom, IEO ready! You do raise some good points about how to properly market it to people, to make it an experience full of joy. Good tech alone is not useful. Need both Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Let us come up with some proposal on how this may look, you’ve convinced me to change my vote to yes!


Theoretically, the way I can see this working is our Github page has a separate area for decentralized IEO assets.

I am thinking the we would need a new .JSON file will need things like this, where project leaders would specify the following:

  • logo small
  • logo large
  • token_name
  • symbol
  • blockchain
  • token_total_supply
  • start_date
  • end_date
  • session_supply
  • saturn_order_tx

I believe, it can also be made in a way that you could have “Rounds” to your DIEO, so basically if after a certain date the price of your token sale is changing then the UI will change the displayed order.

So that means that the way to set up your own IEO on Saturn would be something like this:

  1. Self-list token on Saturn Network
  2. create a sell order and save “order_tx”
  3. Create a pull request in IEO repo, where you specify all these details above + order_tx

And then users would find IEO in a separate asset list on the website? I mean I think we would not really need a separate list for each blockchain though it could list ETH or ETC together, just highlight it on the list.

Of course, another requirement should be to provide a full announcement here:

And I would think we should maybe even be a little more diligent with listing IEO projects, potentially that the project must have a website + whitepaper? Like investor would need a way to research before participating in an IEO?

What do we think?


That’s sounds very very good; thanks!!!

Crypto is not a place for lazy CEO… but for smart CEO and smart partner!!!

For example Box title can be:

Saturn Exchange: Ready for launchpad

“LOGO” Masternode invest Launchpad start on 01/06/2019
(with a botton as like trade botton for example “GO TO LAUNCHPAD” or only “Launchpad” linked to MS trade page

What do you think?


let’s move discussion in your token’s thread


Would just like to confirm that after speaking to our development team, everything outlined is entirely in the realm possible with the current version of Saturn Protocol. Above all we want to provide the tools that make accessing crypto easy and make it accessible for everyone.

Before people were focused on ICO campaigns, now we see the industry is moving towards launchpad services. So we have to adapt! I already outlined the concept in a past blog article:

I think having the UI in place to help a project launch an IDEO powered by Saturn Protocol is a good thing. We will work with @Emanuele_Ferrari to build and test an initial version of this IDEO or Launchpad service, and then we can take it from there. Of course, even at this stage no restrictions, if you are planning an IEO please reach out we would be happy to help multiple projects launch.

More feedback on what we need to make this a success is welcome!

Edit: okay its IDEO, yes that does look better :smiley:


It’s IDEO bro


We have started to put together the Github section for Saturn Launchpad and instructions on how you would launch your own IDEO.

Continued feedback and ideas would be great!


Official announcement made on our blog:

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