iETC - what bitcoin was supposed to be



What is iETC?

iETC is what the Bitcoin was supposed to be.

iETC token has cap of 21M coins. This is as per philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto and the mathematics behind the 21 million number. We also think this is a low supply and thus, can serve as monetary purposes.

Trade here

  • Name (ERC223) - iETC
  • Symbol - iETC
  • Total supply - 21,000,000
  • Contract: 0x1178d40896cf784Db203eB40f159D78Ab6E99a29
  • Decimals: 4
  • Website -
  • Whitepaper - Coming soon




Nice good luck!


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Mineable? Please advise


Don’t think so but there is currently 4 mineable ETC tokens that you can check out!


Website has been redesigned and updated


Nice, looks much better I think! You could also add Saturn Wallet as a supported wallet ;D


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Added. :slight_smile: