I'm CEO of MASTERNODE INVEST, get revenue from cryptocurrency masternode


ICO Consultant/Advisor and have extensive knowledge of blockchain, and subject matter knowledge of ICO.

Advising STOs and ICOs on launching their token. My experience lies in structuring an ICO, managing the marketing and make it appealing for investors.

Currently, I am working with different ICOs as CEO, Strategy Advisor or Services Provider and different ico related platform.
(ICO preparation, WP reviews, tokenomics reviews, investor relations, marketing,…)

Masternode Invest is a company, operating in Fintech environment, allowing people to invest on cryptocurrency masternode.
The " seed of our mission" is to increase the possibility to invest on coin with POS-Masternode consensus algorithm.

We are the first and unique project in this environment that gives you a proof of transparency , once invested on us, you will have our MS token associated to a smart contract, that will share automatically dividends every 30 days.


Welcome @Emanuele_Ferrari ! Glad you found us.

With your background, if you think of any features or products that ICOs & development teams would find very interesting to have on our exchange, please let us know.

Thank you!


Thank’s!!! sure we keep in touch!!!

See you soon!


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