I'm Unable To Trade Coin

I’m trying to trade this coin https://www.saturn.network/token/ETH/0xf824cdd12215da480f77b5ca6e0faa929eaf3c24

I added the coin properly. I tried to test and trade from another wallet it tells me to verify token like I’m I had to do when adding the token the first time. I go through the process and put my gas limit to 300,000 and it get’s rejected every time and the transaction fails. I don’t know what else to do?

Does anyone know what I did wrong and how to fix this?

I tried logging in on another computer I tried every single browser using Metamask and I can’t I get this error message;


No Wallet Found

Please login to your preferred dApp browser and connect to the wallet you wish to use.

But I’m Logged In?

  1. If you are using MetaMask, you need to approve our website in your settings. If you are not sure how to do this, you can follow our guide.

  2. Please ensure only one dApp browser is active. For example, you cannot have MetaMask and Saturn Wallet enabled at the same time on the same browser as they interfere with each other.

You can use your Chrome or Firefox extension manager to disable one or the other temporarily.

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So have you followed the guide linked to approve our website in MetaMask?

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I have not I will give that a try thank you. What’s the recommended wallet to use with your exchange?

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MetaMask works fine once you approve our website, however, I dislike their UI which I find overly complicated. I recommend our own Saturn Wallet or Nifty Wallet on Desktop, and if you are on mobile then Trust is your best option.

Here is a list of options:

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I just connected it and to sell my coins it says the transaction fee is $14? All new users who want to trade my coin have to connect their wallets and pay a $14 fee? It says in a green button Approve Cache [CACHE] and when you click on it it shows the fee in Metamask and your allowing www.saturn.network connection to Metamask. It also says it only does this once for the total supply. My total supply constantly changes because coins are burning and created all the time. Theirs no fixed total supply

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Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange @Cryptobeavers, our order book is entirely on chain and all trading happens wallet to wallet in one transaction. This provides you with higher security and control compared to a centralized exchange as you never give up control of your funds, and there is no need to make a deposit or any withdrawal process (or create an account and pass KYC). Our platform is powered by smart contracts, hence the reason why when you make a trade or create an order you need to submit a transaction and pay network fees.

We do not control network fees on Ethereum, this goes to the miners for securing the network, currently Gas price is quite high, check this website: https://ethgasstation.info/. You can always wait until gas prices are 1 GWEI again.

In regards to submitting an ERC20 Approve transaction, there is no way around this, unless you create your token as ERC223. Every DEX also has this approve transaction before you are able to trade with that wallet, they may call it “Wrap your ETH” or “Connect Wallet” or “Infinity Approve” but it is essentially all the same process. Note that ERC20 is an outdated standard, and we recommend developers no longer follow it, if you create an ERC223 token then you will not require an approve transaction.

Here is some reading for you :wink:

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So everyone who wants to trade my coin for the first time has to pay $14 network fee or is that a one time thing when I first start trading the coin on your smart contract? I’ve been trading on decentralized exchanges since they have been around and I have never paid more than $1 to wrap eth. I can’t imagine what process that would charge such a large fee on the Ethereum network. I just sent ETH to another wallet and I paid less than 4 cents in Ethereum. I also tried trading for the first time other coins in your smart contract and I never had to approve to trade any other coins on your exchange

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If you look at any other token listed on our platform, to submit an approve transaction wallets generally estimate 68k-70k Gas limit. So at 10 GWEI gas price that is just $0.01, nowhere near $14. I have checked some other deflationary tokens and this is the case for them also, also remember that unspent Gas is refunded to you when a transaction confirms (not if it fails).

Yes, I can see to trade your token wallets are estimating a 300k gas limit. I am not a developer so I do not know why that would be, most likely something is wrong in your token smart contract code? Have you tried manually setting the gas limit lower to say 80,000? Because I believe this is your approve transaction:


And as you can see, you only paid 1 cents.

We offer smart contract auditing services also, if you would like our developers to give you a quote:

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I don’t think it’s my token. It would be the decentralized exchange contract that would effect the gas price. My smart contract only effects fees when you interact with it. I spent thousands auditing my smart contract and I never had any issues like this. I got another failed transaction and it had nothing to do with the gas limit https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0dd9106cce707918aca402d0e2a74d3832015f5c247f33a8e410875b0d33f694

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No idea, but there is over 300 tokens listed on our platform, all self listed and trading without any issues. And this includes various deflationary tokens.

Sure, it is definitely possible your token’s contract code is not compatible with our exchange’s contract. If you would like to upload your token’s source code and submit a request for an audit, then our developers can take a look and give you a quote - I am sure they can recommend what needs changing to ensure it is compatible.

Does CACHE trade on any other DEX?

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Yes and I tested placing a buy order and I didn’t have any issues with the other exchange. My team already spent plenty of money on audits and theirs zero issues with our smart contract

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Please update the smart contract for Cache to 0x8b9a25dfae16173403a21894eb9046084f717ec0

I made some changes that should solve the issue

On our exchange we do not do “eth wrapping”, we natively support ETH and ETC and save money for our traders, unlike ddex and 0x relayers.

Those were probably ERC223 tokens. For ERC20 tokens you’d have to approve them. Try making a DAI sell order and you’ll see it in action.


This is not entirely true. Sure, when you make orders or take orders the bulk of the gas fee is paid for the DEX execution - that’s why we have worked hard on optimizing gas price as much as we could to save money for our traders. For example, if you cancel your order or if you buy full order up to the limit so it is fulfilled, our smart contract will actually refund you gas so your transaction gets 50% cheaper, similarly to how GasToken works.

However, when you do ERC20 Approve transaction, that is the definition of interacting with your token, and thus whatever gas costs are incurred are 100% responsibility of your smart contract. The DEX smart contract is not used in this transaction at all, only its address.

That’s fine, variable supply tokens are supported as well. As long as the approved amount is larger than what any one user holds they should be able to trade without any problem.

It’s not how much you spend, but it is the professionals you buy the services from. Clearly it is worth to buy smart contract audit service from experts such as ourselves, instead of whoever you paid thousands for and who left you with that issue.

I have reviewed the changes you made in your approve method that were causing integration issues. Namely you removed the following lines

require(tokens <= balances[msg.sender]);
require(tokens >= 0);
require(allowed[msg.sender][spender] == 0 || tokens == 0);

Second line of this is redundant and will simply incur gas fees on every use of this method. tokens is already defined as an unsigned int, meaning it can only be 0 or positive.

Third line is normally redundant too. ERC20 standard does not require this check, you are simply putting an extra limitation on its functionality, limiting your token’s adoption.

First line is the one that was causing problems with our DEX, as we ask to approve full token supply instead of your current supply. If we did that then every trade would require two transactions instead of one and that would be a horrible user experience. There is simply no way around that with ERC20, that’s why we use ERC223 for our tokens. Most dapps and other DEXs follow suit and do the same thing, although some do allow you to do the two-click trading flow.

I’m glad your upgraded token removed these three lines and made it more compatible with dapps - I’m sure your community will love it.

If you want me to look over the rest of your contract and fix any other issues I might discover it is best to do so early, before your token adoption grows huge and doing a token migration will be a pain to do.


for me that´s like “NEURON TV” … who cares GOT … amazing :))

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Can you please just change the smart contract address to the new one 0x8b9a25dfae16173403a21894eb9046084f717ec0. I appreciate your offer but I won’t be making any upgrades to it now. I have tested the latest smart contract and everything seems to work perfectly. I’m definitely open to suggestions for future upgrades. In the future if I upgrade the smart contract I will make a swap wallet so because can easily swap their coins.

I’ve updated the smart contract address in our Github repository for your project’s logo and details to be assigned to the new contract address. Once you create your first buy order it should all appear correctly:



Thank you it works perfectly