In relation to getting listed

I was curious if the free listing included the waves based tokens, and if not… how much it ran for listing on SNW.

Hey @Sethios thanks for the interest, no currently our protocol is deployed on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, so we would not be able to support Waves based tokens.

The exchange protocol is designed to be compatible with EVM based blockchains which means the smart contracts are written in Solidity. We do plan to scale onto more smart contract blockchains in the future, though it will most likely be other EVM based chains to ensure compatibility with all the infrastructure we have already developed.

I believe Waves uses a different programming language for their smart contracts? Therefore it would probably need quite a lot of work to deploy Saturn Protocol there.


I think it is easy for you to make dApp for WavesPlatform…try to look for their documentation also and about RIDE language