In want to invest into Radex (somehow)


Hello there,

As I came across the Radex trading platform and the sketchup of your whitepaper, I was really astonished by the vision that you guys have - I mean, the first truly 0 fee DEX I have ever seen working (not to mention user friendly).

Now, as any entrepreneur, (I guess that’s the bigger portion of the audience here) I started thinking - I have to have a piece of this pie, because it is going to blow the wider audiences mind away once they hear of it (not to mention the whale population - trading bots heaven).

Are you thinking in any direction, that involves investors at all? I have searched the forum/whitepaper high and low, but didn’t find any evidence of such.

Hope I am not offending you in any way, by posing such questions. But, if you don’t ask, you won’t find out.

I wish you the best at the evolution of your ecosystem, with as much features as the mind can come up with and as few bugs as possible,

yours trully, C


Hello @charule1337!

First of all, thank you very much for the kind words and your support.
Second of all, no such thing as a stupid or offensive question.

the first truly 0 fee DEX I have ever seen working

And quite possibly the only one that’s going to happen. Other projects, such as etherdelta and 0x relayers, do allow traders to create orders instantly and for free, but that’s because they have complex centralized servers facilitating it. Keeping those servers running costs money, so these exchanges will have to have fees. Radex lives 100% on the blockchain so we don’t have to pay a dime for keeping it running. As long as Ethereum is alive, Radex will be alive. And network effects within the blockchain space work very effectively, so the first 0 fee exchange is going to take > 90% of the market.

trading bots heaven

That’s one reason why we made Radex in the first place, and one of the directions that we’re going to pursue.

Are you thinking in any direction, that involves investors at all? I have searched the forum/whitepaper high and low, but didn’t find any evidence of such.

Blockchain projects benefit from having a vibrant community, and developers benefit from investors joining the project. We plan to conduct a proper ICO this spring, with details coming shortly.

At this time we are working on finalizing our whitepaper and marketing materials and I don’t want to steal our own thunder before the official announcement, so forgive me if I don’t show all our cards now. But I can already tell you that our token will be used for the following:

  • Paid content / Tipping. Writing quality reviews of ICOs and established blockchain projects takes a lot of time. We plan to attract economists, developers and cryptographers to review projects and people who are looking to invest in these ICOs will have to pay for high quality information.
  • Access to insider sections on the forum. What you currently see on the forum is not the full picture. Some discussions will only be available to our paid subscribers.
  • Used as fuel in services that we will be offering. Can’t say much more here before the whitepaper release. Generally speaking, we plan to build on top of existing blockchain projects, such as Radex, and offer more complex services.

If you have more ideas for use cases for our token we’d love to hear them and possibly incorporate them in our whitepaper.


I’m looking forward to learning more about your future plans also. From everything that I have seen so far it has etherdelta completely destroyed. It is clean and user friendly in a modern approach. I’m very impressed with the whole platform. Would love to show some support also for what you are accomplishing with this project. Looking forward to seeing where this goes and hope to be a part of it. Thank you for creating such an awesome platform.


Well, since the main focus here would be trading bots (I imagine), why not offer the less savvy users the chance to get ahold of some trading bots, thus enabling the more skillful users to monetize their skills (through your token). Smart contracts (through the ERC20/223 standard) would enable both parties to make sure, they get what they pay for/vice versa.

I know trading bots are a big thing in the forex trading platform (even for non-whale population) and I think it would be about time, to bring that side of the trading to the crypto currency world.

Just my 2 cents


If everyone is to avoid MM brokers, then who will patronize them. Are there not others patronizing them? what do they really have to offer? Since they are existing, I guess some traders are getting something good from them. I think I should find out.


People often say that 95% of traders lose money, but so far there haven’t been any official statistics to back up or disprove that claim. Now, however, we finally get some actual useful data:

According to a recent survey by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) among 57 of forex, CFD and binary options brokers, 80% of Binary Options traders lose money, while the percent with CFD and forex traders is 72 and 63 respectively.