Increase trade mining rewards

I believe our recent atomic orders promotion, where traders were rewarded for using the new feature by trading volume, shows that the trade mining program we have in place at the exchange protocol level needs updating. Definitely when trading ETH tokens the reward feels very low compared to ETC.

It would be good to start discussing this now as updating the protocol’s trade mining price most likely means needing to deploy a new order book contract, so needs to be well planned in advance. I think there is two changes that would be good to make:

  • Change the trade mining reward to be awarded by trade volume like the recent promotion (currently it goes off trading fees paid).
  • Make the amount rewarded higher as currently it feels too low. Off the top of my head, if something like 1 ETH in trading volume were to equate 500 or 1000 SATURN tokens, then I think things are already looking better?

What are your thoughts? If you vote, please write some comments.

Could we allocate a percentage of the reward to dividends instead?

This way we keep the amount rewarded low, but give monthly dividends based on holdings of SATURN?

Maybe just allocate these dividends as monthly payouts distributed as an airdrop to existing saturn holders based on holdings?

That way everyone in the DAO still gets rewards and top volume traders have more incentive to trade through dividends, and also encourages people to HODL

So for evvery ETH volume traded, allocate 500 STAURN to the DIV pool, then distribute proportionately to shareholders monthly.


The dividend idea is a good point to encourage hodling saturn hence lead to better price. But I dont see what incentive to encourage traders to trade more on the exchange in case they are not saturn hodler. The original purpose of this program is to increase trading volume >> more dividend in term of trading fee when DAO is activated >> better price of saturn.

  1. I think we just need to set up a dynamic trade mining reward price based on average trading price of saturn which is reviewed daily/weekly. For example, last week, saturn was traded at around 0.000005 eth, then reward price can also be 0.000005 which mean for every eth in trading fee, you get 200000 saturn . What does it mean for trader? >> They are reimbursed trading fee in term of saturn at the updated exchange rate! Meaning you pay 1 eth in trading fee and you get an amount of saturn reward just as you use that eth to buy saturn on exchange.
  2. I do like your opinion of allocating a portion of reward into a pool to distribute to saturn hodler as dividend, as an add on to trading fee dividend. This will make Saturn more valuable in short term. We may consider allocate the same amount of reward as trade mining dividend program. To continue the explanation above, for every eth in trading fee, we allocate 200000 saturn to trade mining dividend pool and payout monthly to saturn hodler.
    This is my two cents, hope we continue the discussion and bring out best plan. Thanks.
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Good ideas, but we can’t match trade rewards to the price of Saturn because this does not reflect the other commodity being traded. Having it valued at the transaction fee level is a good measure, but this may not be sustainable given supply and demand constraints, so using the dividend model on top of the existing reward model allows for double rewards for big traders, adds stock value, and make it more DAO like.

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Yes, I wonder the dynamic trade mining reward price is technically possible or not. When we launched trade mining program, Saturn price was around 0.00002 eth (ico price) or 0.00001 eth if I remember well, now its a lot lower, that’s why we see the saturn reward is much less attractive than STRN reward.

You are right that the mining dividend will help saturn price appreciate, to approach more closely to current reward price which is 0.0001 eth (1 eth trading fee to get 10000 Saturn)

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I just read again your words. When trader pay eth in trading fee to get saturn reward, it is basically just involved with eth & saturn. It doesnt matter whether I trade Ncov or MNR, the fee I pay just exchange to saturn, and it should be benchmark with current saturn/eth exchange price to get my interest. I mean if the reward price is too high (like 0.0001 eth, ie 1:10000) i dont care about it at all and vice versa, if the reward price is too low ( lets say 0.000001 eth) I can even trade between 2 wallets to get the reward and sell on exchange at current price ~ 0.000005 eth and make profit. Its a simple arbitrage situation when prices are not benchmarked together.

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Hi there,

I guess it makes sense to use the trading fees to buy saturn rewards at the CMP (current market price), or issue them at the CMP, and any extra rewards can be used to pay to the dividend pool.

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Hey Sam,

How were the volume rewards issued?

I understand how the trading mining program works…maybe we could begin the dividend program using the volume rewards model and keep the transaction trade mining working the same way?

That would be cool.

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Hey the current mining rewards work for every trade i’ve made based on the fees but I like the idea of basing the rewards off of the volume and making them higher… a divvy would be great too… thanks

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It´s good as it is. ETC itself is ~27 times cheaper than ETH, so its ok when the trademining reward “feels lower”.
saturnETH is more expensive at the end of the day.

Would it be possible to have SATURN featured at the top of the list so new visitors can “see” the token? Some days when volume is low it isn;t on the front page, and I feel it should be on the front page at the top of the list.



HI All,

How about accepting Saturn as transaction fee as an option instead of ETH, trader can choose to pay by Saturn if they would like to have trade mining reward, otherwise pay by ETH without reward. This will make Saturn both securities and utility token.

Maybe this is for future implementation, just a thought of mine.
So my proposal would be:

  1. Traders choose to pay transaction fee (0.25% for taker as current scheme) by ETH and get no reward
  2. Trades choose to pay transaction fee by Saturn, with 50% discount, at Current Market Price (CMP) of Saturn/ETH. This discount work just like a reward for them.
  3. The transaction fee (both ETH & Saturn) got from traders will be distributed to dividend pool
  4. This way, we don’t need to allocate reward portion for trade mining hence we can distribute this portion to dividend pool

Benefit of this proposal:

  • For Traders:
  1. Traders have 1 more option to pay transaction fee
  2. Traders will see 50% fee discount a more direct incentive in comparison with reward program
  3. Traders who are not Saturn believer and just come to our exchange to trade other tokens/eth, will be happy to pay by Saturn instead of ETH for which they are more favorite
  • For Saturn hodler:
  1. They get dividend from reward pool which is quite a big portion,
  2. They get dividend in term of ETH & Saturn >> more diversification
  3. They can trade and pay only 50% transaction fee by Saturn, what they just need is a small ETH amount in wallet for network gas fee
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Could also work some sort of token burning option in there, for example, if 2000 eth in volume, instead of issuing 10 million tokens, put 5mill to div pool, then burn 5 mill?

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Any benefit you think of abt this burning?

Imo, this will become too complicated. Saturn is not intended to be deflation token from the beginning.

saturn is no burnable token, and it will never be. its a dao token.