Information Source for 10x 100x ICOs or Quality ICO Research


Hi - I was wondering if anyone was willing to share sources they might use to help them research ICOs or Coins, in order to keep track of ICOs or to research what the next 10x or 100x ICO will be when it comes to returns in 6 months, 1 year or onwards. Obviously I realize that ICOs are open to some countries and not others but I’m looking at the independent research part of it, not people telling you what you should or should not buy or trying to hype up a sale. I am more so trying to find independent research.

I’ll start off with a few I know about so as to provide an idea of what I meant but I am looking for other sources, paid or free, doesn’t matter.

Astronaut Capital ( ) - if you have tokens you get data about 2 or 3 weeks before they post it to their public website.

Hade Platform ( )

Altucher’s Crypto Trader newsletter (about $3k USD)

Crypto Asset Strategies by Early Investing newsletter (about $3k USD)

Two ICOs that might provide data but aren’t public yet:
Mosaic ( ) - not sure what they will provide, if anything.

Presale Ventures ( ) - page 23 of their whitepaper discusses what owning their token provides which looks to include access to information and research on ICOs

P.S. I wasn’t sure the rules on linking so I only put the domain and not the full URL for those that I had the links on.


ICO research is honestly hard. It also depends on your investment horizon - do you want to quickly flip the coin or invest for long term?

For long term I personally look at the code/whitepaper, and don’t buy into things I don’t like or don’t understand.

For short term, I currently don’t have time to be monitoring closely, but the idea is that you try to anticipate demand for the coin based on social hype vs coin’s supply. If there is more demand than what an ICO can satisfy then at least short term the price will go through the roof, because people will want to buy into the coin as soon as it’s listed on an exchange.

Maybe someone who currently actively invests in ICOs can share their perspective?


Yeah, other than trading (which I don’t currently do) and to expand on your short term or long term investing approach I would say you can:

  1. Buy during the ICO/token sale and then flip in the short term when it goes public

  2. Buy and flip a few years after it goes public (hopefully it continues to grow)

  3. Buy something that also generates an ROI (Return on Investment) so that you don’t have to sell off your initial investment but just sell off the extra tokens earned.

  4. Buy into something that does increase drastically and also provides you with % returns. This one being my preferred option since you get to keep your asset but still have the ability to sell tokens at a high price because you get to sell off the tokens you obtain from your ROI as the months or years go by.

Agreed on your other points but the problem comes about where we simply don’t have the time to research everything and it can be difficult to research something that you have no knowledge on (or don’t wish to gain knowledge on) but you still need trusted advice to help you sift through that data. For example you might not know about “Industry A” but if that industry takes off in 5 years, you would rather be invested from the start because you had the option to be exposed to reliable research.

To expand on the two newsletters:

  1. Altucher’s Crypto Trader: I find that this newsletter currently only looks at coins/tokens and not ICOs and also only looks at tokens that don’t provide an ROI except for DeCred maybe from staking. So that helps to cover off people who wish to buy and hold and not be bothered with the securities side of things.

  2. Crypto Asset Strategies: they currently look at both coins/tokens and ICOs but have not been pushing out many recommendations for the ICO part of it as yet. I think his audience is more USA but hopefully he writes content for other countries since other countries might not be as restricted when it comes to investing.

Examples of the Astronaut Capital reports can be seen here since they do release that information publicly after. Their research would be more of an example of helping people who “don’t buy into things they don’t like or understand” as you mentioned since they cover ICOs that interests them but because they are an investment fund you can get some insight into companies whose whitepapers you might not fully understand.

I simply added the above to say, if anyone else who actively invests or researches ICOs as you said in your last sentence, it would be good to know what other options we have out there to obtain varied perspectives on research data.



Thanks for the discussion, I am sorry that you have not really got the response you have been looking for but part of our mission is to create an active community that can discuss different crypto projects as a collective. We feel this is the perfect way people can read an unbiased summary and formulate their own opinion, so I am really happy to see you posting. Once we have the forum tipping system set up, this will surely bring in more activity as people will be able to monetize their ideas and even trading strategies!

You will see which users are getting tipped and easily be able to follow whose response seems valid. As more people participate in discussions, the analysis can only become better which in turn will benefit the whole community.

In the meantime, if you would like to create some topics about tokens or coins you have had your eye on, then our development team would be happy to give you an opinion from a tech, marketing & trading perspective.

Here are my 2 cents also

I am not going to lie, I do not actively invest in ICO’s anymore because there is just so much FUD going around it is hard to gain a real perspective on any project. Development teams publish roadmaps that promise things that just don’t materialize… How can I trust a project that does not cover their competitors in their whitepaper or has no working proof of concept?

Or what about the ICO trackers that tell you they are giving honest reviews when they are actually just being paid by project owners to get higher ratings. And when you try to read through Bitcointalk forum for other user’s opinions, then you find them filled with users being paid bounties just to write some positive comments.

And then there is always the risk you might just be getting caught up in a pump and dump coin. You know the ones where you have to know someone to know something :wink:

Hope that helps!


Before i start writing about this topic, excuse me when i use “hard” words sometimes, but this really upsets me on some points - and i will try express myself about.
Im actually not in much ICO´s. From my point of view, 1800 from 2000 Tokens are useless shitcoins. sorry.
Not everything in the world has to be blockchained. So a very dangerous bubble is growing day by day in our crypto-world.

Thats the reason why investing in ICO´s is very hard, especially when we talk about investigating and research.
The first absolute must have is transparency. I dont talk about faces, i talk a about progress. I dont want to buy something that will be coded after a TGE or something like this, i think you got my point.

I want to see a community before we talk about money. A community that its conviced by its product, using it, spreading it, developing or voting it. It should be like between nodes. In communities i want to see consensus. I want to see differences in opinions, discussions, love, hate, everything - as long they do consensus.

And that brings us to the usecase. No usecase - no fun. Would you use it? Would i? Would my mum? Is it worth to be stored on a blockchain? To waste much energy for it? Do i really understand? I dont really need mummies reciept-book on blockchain. So does it REALLY worth?

Next point is, blockchain is not able to do mass adoption atm. So we are building a lot of Blockchains Solutions on very slow, unstable and unsecure networks. And blockchain is still a little baby! You build a house from bottom to top, or am i wrong?

So as logical conclusion, i´m investing only into long-term ICOs. And well guys. i also dont want to lie. I also started investing into short terms to get fast ROI´s. But you will see this profits in real ICO´s laters or buyin coins from projects i really like and want to support! And btw, Mining is expensive haha, and need to be done.

just my 2 cents.


ICOs are a tricky business. Ive managed to do pretty well, but it wasnt without a few hard lessons. I think people have an inherent desire to “get in on the ground floor”. The amount of times Ive seen media dramatize a 16 year old millionaire who bought bitcoins at a dollar :joy:. ICOs are really driven by fear and greed. During bull markets, when new money enters the market, any ico could fly. But right now, when things are in freefall, you really have to guage the hype and “token economics”. The token needs to have an important use for people to hold it, thats why exchange tokens(bix, bnb), and platforms (holo, quark, icon) continue to do well. Most dapps have very poor inventivisations for people to hold. For example, merculet and atonomi have a huge amount of hype, but everyone and their grandma knows its a flip.


I came across this magazine the other day 21 Cryptos , just wanted to post it in case someone else was looking for anything similar.


Thanks, your source came in handy for me;)


Nice will give it look =)


I just came across a site called . looks like an interesting source for the latest security token offerings.

Because Radex is the most decentralised ~ DEX, having trading pairs for lots of STO tokens might be what attracts the most new users.


Learn to fund your idea seamlessly

Break the barriers to making your innovations a reality through collecting funds directly but globally.
Traditional crowdfunding has become obsolete and the new era of freedom and innovation has started. You might have an idea yourself for a business but do not have the space for risk or a platform to fund your idea. This gap is broken up by the use of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings, which are the future of crowdfunding.

On CoinMarketCap (, you will see that many companies and startups are popping up around the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies everyday.

Even traditional venture capital companies like Andreessen and Lightspeed have started to enter in this crypto world. This year, these venture capital companies have participated in token sales for the first time and raised more than $133 million dollars for Basis, a Token Generation Event or ICO (initial coin offering).

But in this world, one does not guarantee a successful TGE simply by copying others. To be a successful TGE, you must do your research and check the strategies of those which were successful.
i found thas information on


Was reading through the Reden whitepaper , they have a Reden Review service that is community based and located on Discord

The Reden Review Discord link is different from their main Reden Discord link.

No personal opinion about their project, simply posting it as a possible resource.