Introducing 42 Coin


Name: 42 Coin
Symbol: 42
Contract address: 0x3e6ec3a0a995d3c58d3854aae41c77c687c07e7f
Twitter: @Astral_Crypto

I created this as something fun for Astral traders/holders. If you’ve already read the Intro to Astral Diamonds, you will know that I tokenized 42,000,000 Astral Diamonds from off the blockchain. To celebrate, I would like to reward the holders of 1 million AstralDiamonds with one “42 Coin”. I’d also like to incentivize traders of AstralDiamondsETC and AstralDiamondsETH to acquire 1 million Astral Diamonds, and in return, will receive one non-divisible “42 Coin”. There are more airdrops to come with off chain utility, and you will either be able to trade ETC and ETH for the airdropped coins, or earn them for free from airdrops. Holders of 42 Coin will earn all future airdrops. Thank you, everyone. As always, feel free to share some constructive criticism with me.

Announcing Astral Diamonds crypto

42 the answer to everything! =)