Introducing BIZARRO TOKEN (BZR) The Mobile Platform Created for Gameplay Monetization

Nowadays creativity is more valuable than gold. Companies are building their business around users free creative content, with no return to the creator whatsoever.


BIZARRO the new-generation mobile gaming platform created for monetizing your gameplay creativity, techniques and of course your precious time.**

The online gaming market is on the rise every year, becoming the largest growing industry on the internet. Now, people have access to social games that can easily be downloaded from almost any mobile device and interact with friends from all around the world.

Alongside the online content-creation growing path, is the blockchain technology, providing transparent and secure transactions for crypto-users. People out there that has never dealt with crypto-currency before, or even heard of it, will have the opportunity to jump right in and have fun playing with it while learning the basics rules of the game.

We’re targeting the well established gaming market and engaging with the mainstream communities to introduce the crypto-ecosystem and it’s benefits into the masses.

The BIZARRO platform is design as an crypto-economic model where players are granted to stake BIZARRO TOKEN (BZR) against others, in creative, offbeat and funky matchmaking games.


Is the most important asset of the network. It functions as a REWARD SYSTEM for in-game payment that can generate profits. Uses ERC-20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain.

BZR entitles its holders to properly monetize their winnings and full ownership of the tokens for virtual in-game trading items. It operates in decentralized governance which makes it possible for users to democratize when voting for the best BIZARRO creation.

A monetize system is nothing without spending it. Users can redeem their BZR on the bizarro market, premium games, third party services, withdraw BZR to Ethereum wallets and much more. Creating a single form of payment within the ecosystem.

Giving the incentive of exchanging in-games rewards for real goodies, at the same time it will encourage the player to keep monetizing and developing dashing BIZARRO creations.

BIZARRO not only works with the end user, individuals and advertisers can kick off advertising campaign .

The brand can create games with different levels of complexity and define conditions between players, a group of successful social media influencers or well known celebrities to participate in Bizarro games all at once, producing the viral hype to promoted the product. Blockchain and smart contact will provide transparency, reward distributions and fair play to the participants.

The mission of the platform is to build a Bizarro-games-ecosystem where players having infinite bizarro games to choose from. Independent game developers can share their games for tryouts, get feedback and donations from the community while keeping the motivation flowing, or if the game have the BIZARRO STUFF will be incorporated officially into the platform.

We are always working to expand and absorb the feedback from the BIZARRO community to deliver the best possible experience.


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