Introducing: Candy Classic



Hello all. Here’s some quick info on Candy Classic.

Name: Candy Classic
Symbol: CANDY
Contract: 0x0b6f824fab88281ea8bd883bdfc1f586743f92fa
Quantity: 21,000,000,000

More info coming.


Now I want some skittles :confused:


@Sam, perhaps some CANDY will appease your palate! Post or message me your wallet address. CANDY for all.
Post or send me your wallet addys! If the wallet holds SATURN, BITUNITS, DOGEC, or ASTRAL, I’ll toss a couple extra pieces in there. Will airdrop in a couple days, maybe a week.


you should really just use the airdrop tool to airdrop to the whole Saturn fam


I really would like to, and I certainly will. Might this method be doable on a Mac?


Is there a “best” place to go for checking Saturn’s blockchain statistics? Which would you recommend? Please and thank you, @Neuron


Hey @CandyClassic yes our Airdrop tool works on Mac fine, feel free to message me if you have any trouble following the guide.

What sort of statistics are you looking for? Remember SATURN is a token not a blockchain, so for blockchain statistics you would look at a block explorer.

Or did you mean exchange statistics? Thanks!


Oh yeah, I mean to ask if there is a good page of statistics available to the public. For example, counting the amount of new users in a month, how much Saturn is traded versus previous months, or maybe a display amount of HODL Dapp users who have/haven’t unlocked their Saturn tokens from the now expired HODL Dapp…? Is there any stat info available besides Blockscout?


Pull request sent for CANDY, hopefully we got it right! Also, a pull request is sent to Trust wallet. Now we wait for the CANDY logo to show up in it’s respective place.


May I please get some support from you all and have you go to this link and Vote for Candy Classic …? It’s a quick and easy way to earn some CANDY.
If you vote for Candy Classic, reply to this post or message us, with your Delta user name and your ERC223 compatible wallet address, and I will add your address to the CANDY address book for future airdrops too. Candy Classic will be sent out via the Saturn airdrop tool, sometime next week. Thank you for your time.


Currently no we do not have these sort statistics available to the public, however, it is all things that we definitely do want to be visible as it is important. Our development team has been working on these sorts of statistics already and how they could be displayed on our website, do not have an exact date for a release yet but it will be in the near future.



Hmm did not see a pull request for CANDY so not sure what happened there, don’t worry thought, I have submitted one for you. Thanks!


Yes please ! 0x9Aee6dA8b16612452E0a4500803789dcbE62C97A Thank you !


ETC .address