Introducing Easysocial -- Next Level Decentralized Social Media


Today we are happy to announce Easysocial. Easysocial is the first truly decentralized social media platform featuring a user-based, grassroots governance structure. We have worked to fully resolve fundamental problems within existing social media platforms to create a global platform for the free flow of ideas. Through utilizing decentralized blockchain technology we are creating a platform where all voices can be heard that is beneficial to users and investors.

More than just a social network, EasySocial is the first dApp in and will act as the social hub of our Easylife system of interoperating dApps that each have their own blockchain. Future dApps will include a wide variety of user-created content platforms, gig-economy dApps, a blockchain-based code repository and much more!

Easysocial is currently in testnet and all are welcome to come join the community. Since it will only let me post 2 links here I will leave the link to the info page where the links to our online communities (telegram, discord) and various social media accounts can be found as well as a link to join the testnet.

We have just started the Ethereum token sale for Easysocial and you can get tokens right here on Saturn Network. The link to the market is at and the contract address is 0x8C0d9959d123C2f40F0deE18DbfA19A3C292c12A. Tokens are limited to 1.5 million of the ERC20 tokens that will be fully tradeable for liquid SOCIAL tokens upon mainnet launch.


Thank you for your announcement! Nice to see some dApps that are not around gambling or gaming being developed.

Please be sure to create a topic about your token also here: Ethereum Tokens - Forum | Saturn Network and that way you can upload your token’s logo to be displayed on the exchange’s dashboards:

You should be able to post more links now in your announcement :+1:


Wonderful… Thank you


I wrote a better announcement in the ETH tokens area and created a new pull request updating the forum area since you had already merged my last one. Easysocial -- Next Generation Decentralized Social Media