Introducing Ether Clown (KLOWN)

Ether Clown started as a social experiment idea to try something new in the deflating token space by creating the first RNG (Random Number Generated) based burn system that will burn between 1.5% to 3.5% with every transaction. The Max supply is 770,000 KLOWN tokens

Life Is Random, So am I…

Our plan is to hold multiple airdrops which will allow everyone to enter for long term in the project. With lot of other deflating tokens issue been that they were distributed in very small time frame or just in 2 batches and most people missed the train and were forced to buy in.



very nice to see you guys here on the best DEX ever !

good luck :heart::love_you_gesture:

Welcome! Glad you found us, if you need any help to list your token let me know.