Introducing Ether Klown (ETC)

Ether Klown (KLOWN2) is an ERC20 Token on Ethereum Classic blockchain. The total supply of the token is 666,000 KLOWN with 6 decimals.

Random Burning

Everytime you send KLOWN tokens into other address or trade at decentralized exchange - a random burn will happen between 2% to 4% this creates a unique market element and strategy.

Fair Airdrops

Ether Clown project will take big focus on distributing the tokens evenly to many people as possible. We won’t just do two airdrops where everything is sent, we will have multi-phased airdrop which cannot be gamed by scammers.

We were previously at Ethereum chain, but we decided to swap around once we found a major bug in the code.

  • Token Name: Ether Klown
  • Symbol: KLOWN2
  • Contract: 0x2b682bd9d5c31e67a95cbdf0292017c02e51923c
  • Initial Exchange Offering? Maybe IDEO at saturn if interest
  • Website:

Thanks, Kool! :metal:

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