Introducing Free Crypto Lotto to the community



Token Name Free Crypto Lotto

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for giving this project the opportunity to join your great community!

So what is Free Crypto Lotto you ask?? Good Question

Free Crypto Lotto is the first of it kind to offer the user a chance to win cryptocurrencies for FREE by watching adverts. When the user watches an advert, they are then given a draw ticket. This draw ticket can then be used to enter draws. They can watch as many adverts as they like to gather draw tickets. Once they have entered a draw, they are left over with a ticket stub this is then redeemable into FCL as a bonus to the user.

After watching an advert they will then unlock the ability to use the FCL token to enter draws to a maximum of 10 times a day, 60 times a week, and 200 times a month.

1 Ticket to enter a daily draw with the chance to win $50 of Doge, Litecoin , or Tron (this will circulate)

5 Tickets to enter a weekly draw with the chance to win $300 worth of BCH, XRP or Ethereum

10 Tickets to enter the monthly super draw to win $2000 worth of BTC

We are also partnering with Free Crypto Lotto’s sister website SunburstCrypto this will allows FCL to be spent on their platform. Their platform will be the one stop shop for indie games.

Thank you for your time and welcoming us to your community :handshake: :+1:

CEO and Founder


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Currently we have a few interesting opportunities to gain FCL for FREE as well one being the Free Crypto Lotto Army, Join telegram, have a chat and earn take a look :point_right:


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Welcome! Glad you found us :+1:

Interesting project, had not heard of it before, time to read!


Well! Thank you so much