Introducing Gcoin(GTC)

  • G Coin
  • Symbol: GTC
  • Contract: 0x8E100855e6647bd24F1A32999c4A6C91497C9f62
  • Standard: ERC 223
  • Total Quantity: 420,000,000
  • Decimals: 4
  • Use case: The only cryptocurrency accepted at


Nice to see a new token on ETC, good luck with growing G Coin @CandyClassic how will it work for the music festival?


Hi @Sam, thank you. Either myself or DJ Just G will post the white paper in the coming days or weeks, at most.
Most likely, he will be posting the info on his website, and I will post the info here, on this forum.
Thank you for asking, Mr. Sam!


It’s nice to see that G Coin’s logo now appears in Trust wallet.
…just waiting for the white paper release.