Introducing Goat Cash (GOAT)


Token Name

  • Symbol: GOAT
  • Contract: 0x9f452e458b024e82d6e3ff50a07b8de74c988523
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Website:
  • Is this an Initial Exchange Offering? No

Hi All,

Just finding out about Saturn Network from our good friends at PPI. Fab site and dex.

We’ve been around since middle of last year. We have a machine learning backend called AGI (Artificial Goat Intelligence) which is used for PoG (Proof-of-Goat) mining. You upload :goat:images and you get paid out in GOAT. Our backed will recognise if it’s a goat or not.

We have several dApps to create utility, one which is fully out is Goat Clash - With more much more to come.

On top of this we with NGOs to provide goats to communities in need around the world. Yay!

Look forward to seeing you as part of the herd!

Selena Goatmez


Welcome @SelenaGoatmez glad you found us!

If you have any queries, let me know! And if your community would like to know more about Saturn Network, here is a great article to share with them:

Future is bright! Glad to be part of the herd :sunglasses:


This project sounds pretty interesting.


Thanks for listing us!

We’ll be sure to point the herd at you guys. Great idea with the DEX and forum integration.

Lots more on our roadmap to implement, still early days for us.


Its different, pretty sure no one is doing Proof-of-Goat for mining :wink:

Upload some :goat:s to and let the magic happen.


There lies the problem I don’t have any pictures of goats. I guess I need to start looking for some goats to photograph. Thanks for quick response.


There’s plenty on the net, but then again a lot of users have scoured it and they w8ill be picked up as dupes.

The GOAT has to be earned, or not, can be bough on exchanges too heheh


Thanks for your response @SelenaGoatmez and I will find some goats to photograph that way I know they are original goat pics. Yes, I prefer to play by the rules and I have managed to get some $GOAT in my wallet, but I live in the country about an hour and a half Southeast from Dallas and I know I will be able to find some goats to photograph.


I came across something that made me think of y’all and made me laugh. It comes from a pretty strange place but hey you never know where “The GOAT” may be hiding. Here is what I found on,

For example:

June 21, 2013

Dear FOI/PA officer:

This is a query under the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. § 552a).

I hereby request any and all documents, communication and memos relating to myself, John/Jane Doe also know as John/Jane “The Goat” Doe. To aid in the expedition of this request I am providing the following information.

Address: 123 Main St., Americatown, USA 12345.

I was associated with the Goat Liberation Front between 1997 and 2007.

Please find the attached U.S. Department of Justice Certification of Identity Form DOJ-361 certifying my identity under penalty of perjury.


Jane Doe

Yes, they put the Goat Liberation Front. I couldn’t believe it and that is why I included the link under The Goat above.


Woah! Now that is interesting.

Who would have thought there was a Goat Liberation Front? Now I’ve heard it all, or perhaps not, the internet can throw a curve ball or two.

Great find!