Introducing Hopper Token


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  • Token Name: Hopper Token
  • Symbol: HOPP
  • Contract: 0x33b282c88de3e8ed471c24e43f60816dcabe12f4
  • Initial Exchange Offering? No
  • Website:

HOPPer (HOPP) is an ERC-20 token used to promote health, welfare and fitness.
Using iOS (Apple) and Android based fitness apps including watch applications, tracking progress and getting rewarded has never been easier.
Along with fitness tracking, the app can link you with specialized trainers and fitness experts in your local area.
Also, discounts on popular Healthy Chef-Designed meal services, local or national fitness centers, and major brand name fitness products and clothing. Each day, depending upon your fitness level, challenges will be created. Each day, week and month you complete these challenges will earn you bonus Hopper Token. Exercising with your family or friends can also earn you bonus tokens. The idea is to promote health so group involvement creates group bonuses. We introduce a Healthy and fit lifestyle to our users.


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