Introducing LUNA NUSA COIN ( LNCX )


Luna Nusa Coin is a ( TRC20 ) Token. It’s a community driven project that keeps people active by combining blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies through social media platforms. Which allows users to have access to the development of online games, 3D printing, designing services and digital art. LNCX can be used as social currency to tip and reward anyone on social platforms.

LNCX is fully compliant with TRC20 definition and compatible with any TRX wallet all around the world. It can be used to create a token payable crowdsale, selling services for tokens, paying invoices,
making subscriptions, using them for a specific utility and many other purposes.

LNCX Coin ( TRC20 ) token can be stored on TRX wallet. It holds value and can be sent and received.
Our goal is to create an online gaming community by investing into online games, gaming
platforms and projects.

We are activating a release program of LNCX Coin according to certain schemes using Airdrops, Reaction Drops and Faucets. LNCX is an experimental fun and entertainment project on Social
Media Platforms, We are supporting programming technologies, Online game developments, Digital Art and Artists.

Crypto currency name: Luna Nusa Coin ( TRC20 - Token on TRON platform )
Token Symbol: LNCX.
Contract: TRTr8tTnkzS8tZREMSx42mddG252FnLXF1
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 20,000,000,000

For now liquidity will be provided through which is a TRON ( TRX ) based decentralized exchange. anyone can add liquidity in there. Just search for LNCX in the Pool and it’s easy to find.

Use LNCX at your own risk, Luna Nusa Coin ( LNCX ) cannot be held responsible for any kind of financial loss. If you are owner of cryptocurrencies, it is your personal responsibility to take care of your investments and digital assests.

Please support us to list our coin on Saturn Exchange . Also join us on Discord for more info.
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