Introducing Muxe To The Saturn Network Community



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Which exchanges is it traded on?
Supported by CMC (CryptalDash and IDEX)
Evimeria, Etherflyer, TowerX, Bitcratic, Shardax, GYMBase, ECEX, Bitcratic, blockport, Yibit, SwitchDex and more.

Unique features

we have a very unique platform where you will find a Marketplace ( ALPHA SHOWCASE ATM ) where you can sell/buy or search for any kind of products & services. Beside the Marketplace contains the platform a social networking aspect like facebook. We have all kind of different tools which can be used to Photoshop or design. we have multiple coin calculators and there is many more.



Jaimy de Vries - CEO / FOUNDER and head Developer.

Justin Wilms - CFO / Co-Founder. Marketing, Sales & development.

Patrick van Wanrooy - Co-Founder. HR

Frank Jurjen - Co-Management and Motivator

Antonio Benavides - Business Development Management

Enis Abazi - Co-management / Sales

Jelle Posthuma - Software & Web

Aviv A - Sales | Marketing

Max Ng - ICO Advisor ( CryptoProfile Founder )

Kevlin Olthof - Marketing Advisor

Vikas Dhanraj - Fintech Advisor

Stephen Schedra - Visual | Vocal Advisor

Jocelyn Ojinal - Community Management

Bert Willemsen - Ambassador

Multiple private investors that back our company and project to make sure we survive the bearmarket and that we can keep updating and developing.

Community Engagement

We have several community groups that are quite active and will help us with almost everything if we ask them.

We have an active Chinese community from around 350 users with a reach of 20000/30000 other Asian people.

Besides that, we have several groups and other parts of community members that are very active this would be around 500/600 more people.

We have around 120 youtube influencers on our MUXE MEDIA website. These YouTubers have a total of 527000 subscriber. ( Calculated yesterday ).



We have several partnerships, including CryptoProfile, a big project that started 3 years ago. they are in there ICO phase now and have reached there softcap.


At this point we are only listed on the android play store, if you search for MUXE information App - MIA you will find it.

Regarding the Apple play store, we are still in the process to get our app listed.