Introducing our Stable Asset "NIRX", a stablecoin developed for utility in global ecommerce

Introducing to you, our StableCoin project which is coming to SaturnNetwork soon.

  • Token Name: NairaX
  • Symbol: NIRX
  • Contract: 0xf0ccca32cd300356629216eb301ec6649c7c6adb
  • Initial Exchange Offering? NIL
  • Exchange: Listed on a Major Exchange already.
  • Website:


NIRX (NairaX) was developed as the first viable product from NIRX BLOCK PAYMENT SYSTEMS which is incorporated and registered in Nigeria [ RC2903759].

“NIRX” is a stable utility coin which will power NairaX’s currently developing crypto-payment processor with additional plans to be integrated across major eCommerce platforms in Nigeria, Africa and then the entire Globe; as a move towards the general adoption of “NIRX” in eCommerce marketplaces.

Through the NairaX’s crypto payment processor, otherwise known as “NairaX’s MVP Webwallet”, NIRX holders will be able to exchange goods and services on our personalized eCommerce platform. Our platform will allow for acceptance of payments with FIAT (at the local level), NIRX, Bitcoin, Litecoin and lastly Ethereum. As expected, payments that complete orders with NIRX will attract bonuses and off prices for services offered on platforms that will use NIRX as a payment option.

NairaX is pegged to the Nigerian Naira (NGN) on a 1:1 ratio in the equivalent amount of its corresponding FIAT value. At any given point in time, NIRX will either remain equal in this ratio or surpass its FIAT equivalent in real time value. This is a breakthrough in Africa and for the the globe in entirety. We have support from our alliances with notable financial bodies within Nigeria.

NairaX (NIRX) will become a symbol of value to initially stabilise the value of the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and also various cryptocurrencies to be used to facilitate exchange of goods and services on the NairaX eCommerce platform.

The Stability of NIRX is maintained directly by both triennial and timely buybacks orchestrated by institutional investors, shareholders & backers.

We are listed on Coinmarketcap: nairax

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