Is Saturn Classic Token or Saturn Token listed on any sites like Coinmarketcap?


Just like the title says, im just wondering if there is a place to visit online to find trading info.

And wondering if its in the works if its not already done.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t think so since saturn network exchange is not on CMC yet.


Exactly, sometime they end up on sites like coin gecko or coin paprika so i’m just wondering if anyone has come across one with saturn.


For most sites like CMC, Coingecko and any other tracker sites is that your coin or token needs to be on an exchange that:

  • Must publish an API that exposes the last price and 24h volume of each cryptocurrency.

We are doing this internally however we have not made our exchange’s API public yet, so these websites would have no way to retrieve the data they need. Once we make our API public then I will reach out & ask for our exchange to be listed on the popular tracking sites, after that point then you would be able to ask them to list any token that is being traded on our exchange.

However, many of these websites have other requirements such as:

  • Being listed on atleast 2 exchanges.
  • Having a volume requirement.
  • Or you may just have to pay!

So it just depends on their criteria!


Very informative! Thanks for that,.

You guys here at saturn are doing one hell of a job!
And its showing, as trade volumes seem to be on the rise.