Ivan at the Blockchain centre meetup, ETC time is now?


Just thought I would share some photos from an event Ivan @crika attended for us in Melbourne at the Blockchain centre on the 26th June.

He was able to talk directly to over 70 attendees about our project and spread the Saturn Network brand around Australia, if you were lucky you may even have got hold of one of these sweet polo shirts!

The general consesus from the event was that there is currently a strong belief that Ethereum Classic is well and truly on the rise, and that investing into ICOs on ETC is going to be the better route during the next few years. The vibe was much more positive for ETC than ETH, though may this just be the interesting price benefit?

Of course this meant Saturn Classic was a big hit :slight_smile: have to admit we definitely saw a spike in buying Saturn Classic from 27th June to the 30th June!

Of course, no Australian meet up would be complete without beer!

So what do you guys think, is it #ClassicIsComing from now on? Are you waiting for more ICOs on ETC?