Johns saturn DAO Logo gallery


1 saturndao1 !

2 saturndao2 !

3saturndao3 !

4saturndao5 !

5saturndao6 !

6! saturndao7|640x481 !

7saturndao12 !

8saturn11 !

9saturn9 !

10saturn8 !

I made a few diferent ones. Tell me what number you like best and i will send it to the Logo contest





adding some extra logos










Here i will post a few 2D pics this is nothing as fancy as before. pics painted
with paint (org software in windows)

first one is saturn with “trading candles” alludes to saturn is an exchange :slight_smile:

1 2D saturn2d

2 2Dsaturn2D2

3 2Dsaturn%20dao4

4 2 D

5 2D

6 2D

7 2D

8 2D

9 2D

10 2D

11 2Dsaturndao23

i guess you can see the Sd :wink:


Nice designs, what design software do you use?


Is the 3d effect from illustrator?


im mostly using After effects, illustrator and paint 3D im always using atleast 2 programs because they does different things. atleast i find some stuff to be simpler in one or the other software.

im not a pro :slight_smile:

i have done a 2D logo that i will throw in later


Some of these are pretty sick bro. Right on.


Why didnt you enter the contest?


this kind of logos cant compeat in the competition. this is not the logos you print on the business card or on the letter head. The saturn network is looking for a 2D slick design, much like the one they got now. i got a few that i think i will trow in here later.
thanx for your interest guys. see ya


I agree with you but still they are nicely done still… :+1:… good stuff matey