Launching new tokenomics ERC20 -Infinity Token


:green_circle: infinty Token is a global universal integration published by Infinity Wallet, or INF for short. INF is based on the decentralized digital assets released by Ethereum, using the Tokenomics model, accompanied by a repurchase and destruction mechanism, with the goal of connecting excellent digital asset projects with INF quality users, professional investors, etc. The creation of the INF ecological closed loop. Realize the win-win situation of the industry in the global blockchain era, and jointly promote the healthy development of the blockchain and digital asset industry. As the eco-coin of INF Wallet, INF can be used and distributed in many scenarios of INF Ecology. The purpose is to enable users to enjoy more INF. According to the number of INF’s held by users, INF Eco has developed a series of discounts for holders of credit users who can enjoy the corresponding commission rate. The handling fee is as low as 0.0500% (refer to the following figure for the fee rate details). In addition to the discount on the handling rate, INF also has a repurchase mechanism. The repurchased INF will be destroyed to reduce the circulation of INF in the market and promote the appreciation of INF. :green_circle:

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NAME: Infinity Token SYMBOL: INF


SUPPLY: 100,000,000