Layout, info and stats Affiliate Links, Join Robinhood and we'll both get a free stock



I was just using my account on Robinhood and I really like how they allow me to see my account info. We have some APIs that are great but I think if we could incorporate some of their views or page layouts with more stats and data it would be great for our network. I also want to say that I am sharing my link with Robinhood because I have actually got the free stocks. I have got several stocks from them and it is legit. I think they may have a ban for certain countries and I am really doing this because I like what info they provide and how they provide the info, and not so much about getting people using my link. That brings up a question in my head about Affiliate links and when is it appropriate if ever to share them. Maybe a special section for affiliate links and ones that actually work and ones that don’t pay, as well as a place to share your affiliate links. Helping others reach their goals is helping me to reach my goals. Saturn.Network is a community of people around or across depending on your perspective of the world trying to just “do that what is right” and I will sign up if anyone has a link to a good affiliate or I can help you get a bonus. Hopefully we can incorporate some of their ideas, there are so many different sites and Saturn has a great DEV Team that can incorporate as well as create Saturn’s own unique apps, API’s, dapps, various bots, etc. The crypto world is like the new “Wild, Wild West” and wide open . Your free stock is waiting for you! Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook for free. Sign up with my link.