LDX Trading Competition: 18 ETH to Win!


Promotion period: 2019/03/27 0:00 AM to 2019/04/30 0:00 AM (UTC).

To celebrate the successful launch of Loudex Exchange on 2019/05/05, LDX team committed a total of 18 ETH in prizes to give away to our users worldwide!

Trading Competition: 18 ETH to Win!

All users will be ranked in terms of the total LDX trading volume traded on their Saturn Network account (including both Buys and Sells) during the competition period.

1st: 8 ETH

2nd: 4 ETH

3rd: 2 ETH

4th-8th: split 4 ETH

Lucky Ranking: 8,000,000 LDX to Win!

Users ranked 18th, 28th, 38th, 48th, and so forth until 98th place of the top 100 LDX traders based on the trading volume (including buys and sells) during the competition period will split a total of 8,000,000 LDX.

Try to trade LDX/ETH https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0x101cc92ca086a2289421614124f88f288be90feb/0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000


  1. Loudex Team reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion.
  2. 18 ETH for 8 users who have the largest trading volume with a minimum total trading volume of 8 ETH during the event period.
  3. 8,000,000 LDX for users ranked 18th, 28th, 38th, 48th, and forth until 98th place of the top 100 LDX traders who have the largest trading volume with a minimum total trading volume of 0.8 ETH during the event period.
  4. Trading volume refers to total buys and sells. We monitoring LDX transactions on Saturn Netwok Contract.
  5. Loudex Team reserves the right to disqualify trades which are deemed to be wash trades or display attributes of market manipulation.
  6. Rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the competition ends.
  7. Winners in Trading Competition will not be able to participate in the Lucky Ranking.

Risk warning:
Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Loudex Team is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the trading competition. Please make your investments with caution.

*Updated on April 17th
**The reason we are updating regulations is to increase the LDX transaction volume on the Saturn Network.


Well, I am off to try and make it a fun competition.


Welcome Guys,

happy to have you on board!

Good luck to all traders :heart:

when saturn.network & saturn-wallet info?


We annouched about info on official twitter.
For try to trade LDX/ETH https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0x101cc92ca086a2289421614124f88f288be90feb/0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000


not enough sir :))

your using saturn? then support it please, one hand washes the other and it´s ALL for free :flying_saucer:

support = support
no support = no support

and greetings to istanbul


Oke I will do it.
Thanks for advice


Cool competition! Thanks for running it on Saturn, hope it goes well and we see more LDX trading. :muscle:


Amazing idea!

This API will help you take a snapshot of total trades for LDX and perform ranking.


I’ve joined this competition. I’ve traded LDX and hopefully there will be an equal number of sells and buys! I really hope to win this competition. Loudex is a great project and I really have faith in it! LDX to the MOON !!!


Come on guys! Keep on buying/selling…The competition has 2 more weeks to go and I don’t see any movement. You want to win or not?

The market is back so let’s get a piece of this pie!


Only two weeks left!


Looking good - uncompetitive with the price, it’s basically whoever is at the front of the queue (most recent sell order gets priority at the front)

So it’s really to buys the most

Be great to see a statistical analysis of the token competition and who’s leading :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:


sell orders are ranked by price, not by time created. And I believe that the volume gets credited to the taker, not to the one who created the order?

@Loudex_LDX comment on this please!


That is exactly what I thought until I realised that it is not the case of “first come, first serve” but “last come, first serve” leaving those who were faster than others actually at the back of the line in terms of sell orders

(this only relates to if the sell order is at the same price)

so person A put a sell order at 0.01 today - front of the queue at 0.01

but then person B put the same sell order at 0.01 two weeks later - NOW that person is at the front of the queue given him/her the advantage of people buying off him due to being at the front of the queue.

when it comes to a trading competition like LDX has created - this gives an advantage to new ordered made, especially when on LDX every sell order is the same price.
In theory, all i have to do is keep cancelling my sell orders when a new sell order has been placed by some other person to get myself ahead of the queue and re-sell the same order.


Well, I guess, I’ll be the winner of the 8 ETH since I’ve traded the most these days (if the contest will be still available after this)…Should I give you my address already? :smiley:


Think you may have some challengers @sportx - those magical 8 ETH are mine :partying_face:

Good luck everybody !!!


Guess we both have to wait at least 2 more weeks :joy: