LDX Trading Competition: 18 ETH to Win!


So we have to individually spend a minimum 8 ETH to be in the running!? … if that’s the case then am definitely not going to win!


I recently got this message: " Dear LDX trading participants !

Trading Competition: 18 ETH to Win!

We will close this competition sooner. We already have several winners with the following address wallet.





We know that those 4 wallets that did not pass the rules to become winners because they did not reach the required volme trading, but we want to close this event soon and we we will share 18 eth to all selected addresses, each of which gets 4.5 ETH

If you are the owner of one of the address wallets above, please immediately confirm to claim the prize.

The way to claim a prize is a deposit confirmation.

  1. Make a deposit of 2 ETH from your wallet address that is declared the winner to our smart contract


  1. After we receive your confirmation deposit, we will return your 2 ETH + 4.5 ETH of your gift to your wallet address.
  2. We give 24 hours for you to do this.

Loudex Team

What do you think guys?


That sounds like a definite scam. And I do hope it is not from any LDX official team member…

Care to comment @Loudex_LDX ?

In regards to how the orderbook is set up, there is nothing to fix the orderbook has always been set up in this way and I have never seen a complaint about it…

Generally speaking an asset is not going to have many orders at the same price - if you want to sell your tokens quicker then you will make your order at a cheaper price. Saturn Network cannot really be blamed that the market only wants to trade LDX at 0.000001 ETH, if anything complain at Loudex developers to make some announcements / releases / use cases for their token that will help the market discover a higher price.

That being said, If someone feels our orderbook it is an issue then please raise it here with what they would see as the solution: Feature Requests - Forum | Saturn Network.

It is a great idea to launch a trading competition and we hope to promote teams to do this on the platform in the future, however, as it has been highlighted running them currently is not really ideal because it has ended in a discussion of rules not being clear and what ifs… and not the fun that this sort of competition should have.

Which is why we are working on integrating leaderboards:

Teams will just be able to say:

During X date to X date, the trader (wallet address) that mines the most SATURN trading X token, will win X ETH / Tokens.

And then have a leaderboard tracking / displaying the trade mining. Honestly, we are hoping that we will not have to “police” trading competitions, as we would really like to let projects run them independently but if projects simply use them to scam user-bases then we will have to rethink the idea.



Looks like a scam


Thanks for calling this what it appears to be @sam. I just seen my address listed but I will not put up 2 ETH to claim. I will take a loss on the tokens I bought, especially if it outs a scam. This lead me to the Ether Scam Database and I found this https://etherscamdb.info/domain/blog.0xproject.co looks like someone is trying to scam the OneX project. I am no expert but it is up to each of us to ask questions and for us to police our network. I would prefer to let projects run their competitions as they see fit and I like to think most people are honest.


So I think we can officially call this coin a scam, since nobody is willing to answer any questions, their website is dead and they don’t have any official communication channel on telegram, facebook or anything! Thanks for helping me lose 1 ETH that I invested in this project!


LDX Trading Competition has been completed !

We apologize for the absence of participants reaching the specified trading volume, so this time there is no winner.

But we really appreciate those of you who have participated in this event. We will present a total of 8,000,000 LDX to all participants who have participated. We will distribute this prize in 7 days.

Please pray because on 2019/05/05 we will launch our own exchange, hopefully it will run well and success, for the time being our official website is under repair.

Thank you
Loudex Team.


Look, the fact that you changed the rules of the game during the game makes you a complete liar. You didn’t specify anywhere that the total trading should be over 8 ETH to become eligible for winning any prize.

After you saw that the volume was still low, you decided not to pay any ETH (I don’t even think you were ever going to pay any ETH) and changed the rules just like that, because if you take into consideration that the sum of all tradings on this platform (buys + sells) were under 8 ETH, we can all understand why reaching your target was impossible…

Projects like yours is why crypto is not evolving into mass adoption too fast!

So instead of paying any LDX that cannot be tradable anywhere (and don’t give me BS that we can trade it on your exchange because nobody is ever going on your exchange since there’s not much news anywhere about it + you can easily dump the price since you control it), just pay me 1 ETH that I invested and I’ll change my mind and say that you’re a legit business. Until then, you will remain a SCAM, everybody here will know that you’re a SCAM and news fly so fast on the internet, you can’t even imagine.

I dare you, change my mind! Waiting for your response!


Wow… I have to agree - moving the goalpost - you can’t be doing that and everyone deserves a “re-fund”

Hopefully Saturn and the team can shed some light on this - I guess scammers finds their way even in the best exchanges like Saturn

Not happy with this LDX at all!


Not really much to say about this, there is no possibilities of refunds on blockchain. We never have any control over your funds. It is why we advocate doing your own research before entering any trades.

Team Saturn will never be policing tokens on the exchange, one because we have designed the exchange in a way that makes that impossible. Also because who are we to say which tokens are good or bad. It also puts into play claims such as Team Saturn having a hidden agenda & could be pushing / promoting tokens for their own gain.

We have talked about this before, and have stated that it is one of the risks of providing a truly decentralized exchange that is censorship-free.


Just learned a lesson and it cost a day trip to the beach :beach_umbrella: with a cheeky McDonalds for the return home - would like that beach trip fund back please aha!

At least now we all know what LDX is and capable of.

Anyway - keep doing the hard work we don’t see/do - Saturn is brilliant!


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Agree MultiChain Saturn HODL Program is the place to invest. Saturn is a great investment and this is the first scam I have seen here.