Less Dapps in the Saturn wallet now..?


Sad face…atleast I didn’t keep farming those dang crypto tomatoes! I went to the website for ETC tomatoes, and I have no seeds or tomatoes anymore… :frowning: That’s the least of my worries, but i’m curious as to what happened. Did it have anything to do with the ETC explorer being offline last night/this morning? I remember seeing Saturn whale with trillions of seeds, or more!


We have moved everything over to our Github so that people can submit their dApps & token logos in one place via a pull request. Then we just have to approve the request and it will all appear in Saturn Wallet. Here was the blog article about this update: Unified Assets Self-Listing

When I was checking everything we had listed for this update I was sad to see a couple of the ETC dApp’s websites were offline and crypto tomatoes seems to have switched to Ethereum, so I removed them from our list :frowning: . Of course it is a smart contract on the blockchain, so it’s not gone just harder to access without their UI…

Hopefully we will see some new ETC dApps soon… @bungalogic maybe you have an update about your coin flip dApp on ETC?


Ah, good man, @sam. Thank you. I won’t miss the Dapp if it doesn’t make it back to ETC.
I’ll miss out on like 0.001 ETC, or a handful of transactions worth of ETC gas price.

But hey, last year around this time, I swear I have the faintest memory of a scenario that a Dapp had caused big problems for a number of people in the cryptosphere.
I kind of doubt it was the start of the ETH DAO misfortune, but what was it? Do you or anyone else remember? Somebody hopefully knows what i’m referring to…
I was pretty new in crypto last year(still am sort of am) but I only heard a little bit of the story, possibly a rumor… Possibly was a Dapp with shady devs that left holders high and dry…? I knew I shouldn’t have smoked so much weed in high school/college. Oh well.