Let’s discuss Saturn Network Bounty Campaign


Hello Everyone!

I believe that that now would be a great time to explore a bounty campaign. The reason is that we now have a very active community on telegram with many people messaging me every day that they would like to help. As we are building a DAO, we want everyone to feel involved as essentially everyone is a part of the team!

This week I have been looking at the Bounty0x platform and also Gleam (this would be for helping our social media numbers).

I recently posted a Youtube bounty in the Bounty0x platform, so far submission have not been amazing but maybe I have set the reward too low? Let me know what you think.

Honestly, I would much prefer to pay bounties to people I know are very interested in our project and believe in our project, so if you have ideas let’s talk!

Things we are looking for:

  • Youtube videos, do you have a channel? Any size!

  • Translations(primarily Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean would be helpful!).

  • Cool graphics / art with our logo on, this is fun for twitter or instagram.

  • Articles, maybe you have access to blogs or news outlets?

Let’s discuss! What are your thoughts?


I would love to make some saturn memes, a telegram stickers pack, and wallpapers. I’m also in some private groups with big influencers, I’ll see what I can do. However, a lot of these guys look for flips, instant binance listings, those sort of things.

About the Bounty Campaign category

Sweet thanks for the response and spreading the word :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting patiently for the Saturn memes to start appearing… so you think a bounty around creating images with our logo on would be good?

Telegram stickers pack would definitely be fun to have! Have you made some in the past? Please share!


Hello my good friends, always on the saturn long hodl as you know. Amen! Follow me for the memes :slight_smile: