Let's List Delegatecall.com 's token


Delegatecall.com is basically Reddit on a blockchain. I post there and earn Delegatecall tokens when I get upvotes. I’ve earned quite a few. But I still have not been able to get my stash to the level I’d like. It’d be great if Radex was the first exchange to list this token. Not only for me but for Radex. This is far from a small project. Delegatecall.com is backed by https://www.techstars.com/ and already has a growing community of English, Japanese, Korean, Deutsch and Chinese speakers. If we were to list the token before anybody else it would virtually gurantee a few thousand or more new users of the Radex decentralized exchange.

The token is an ERC20 and as such would have to make use of the ERC223 conversion contract.


thanks for you reqeust, i never heard about, i will check it asap.



what do you think?


I think it may have been a wait but if @libercoin would like to list Delegatecall now then they can! :slight_smile: