Liquidity for all ETH tokens thanks to Atomic Arbitrage


Following successful testing of our prototype for Atomic Arbitrage, we would like to announce a new Saturn ETH token sale using our launchpad platform.

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Sorry. I did not understand if your Arbitrage Bots can work like usual arbitrage bots… I am not a trader, but want to make profits on DEX arbitrage… is it automatic? Or I have to place orders etc.? Thank you



  • We developed Atomic Arbitrage technology
  • It will be used on our backend to hunt for the best price across all ETH DEXs for your orders (see illustration)
  • From user perspective you simply go to, create an order, and it gets instantly filled

Arbitrage is automated so you immediately get best price


Thank you for the answer. I am very excited about this. I was using the centralized exchange arbitrage before and now I am trying to find the way to make profit from arbitrage here… So First I put the Buy Order for the asset of my choise and get the cheapest price for it… When the order is filled I simply put Sell order for this asset and get highest price possible… As the result I get this delta profits? Is that correct?


Correct! You’ve just described

And once Atomic Arbitrage is activated this market maker bot will allow you to profit on price swings across all DEX markets.


Is there a time or date when I can try the Atomic Arbitrage with the method I’ve described above? Also… What kind of orders this would be… Market or Limit?


This IDEO (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering) is to fund our work on Atomic Arbitrage. The sooner we complete our funding milestones the sooner you can try it out!

Limit. Essentially Atomic Arbitrage turns our DEX into a limit order provider for all DEX liquidity across all DEX’s on Ethereum.


Hope I can get in on the investment on this before it is all gone. This will be epic and should gobble up market share for Saturn.Network. I knew you guys had one heck of a plan and to see it all unfold has been pretty sweet. Keep up the good work. Really proud of all of you guys for what you have brought to the world. Saturn is a solid solid project.