Lira Cash - A Mineable ERC20 Token for Merchants!


Hi there,

I would like to introduce to you Lira Cash, a mineable ERC20 token based on the 0xBitcoin project. You can find more information about the project on its official website!


A quick snapshot of the LiraPay Online Payment API - A work in progress.

As part of the LiraPay software ecosystem, an Online Payment API will be available to allow online stores to accept Lira Cash (LIRA) as payment for goods and services. This component of the project is a work in progress and is well underway!



We’ve published a medium article on Lira Cash and Lira Pay here:

We would love to get your feedback!


this is really cool! Keep up the good work, our industry needs more people like you, building cool products that are useful to people today!

At some point down the line we plan to release some tools that would let you integrate Saturn functionality into your apps and websites. Let’s keep an eye out for each others updates and keep making crypto a better choice for people worldwide