Masternodes or staking



Anyone runs masternodes or have staking coins? What are your thoughts? Is it :+1: or :-1:?


Masternodes used to mean something, but now it’s just marketing blah blah that can mean anything. You should get more specific, maybe share some examples?

In terms of legit masternodes, running TRON or EOS block producers is quite profitable if you know how to do it and manage to get a large enough following. Maybe @Oracuse can talk about DASH masternodes


I made some decent money staking Callisto last month. I am still staking the coin( mined it for 2 months). I am trying to find new means/ coins that can be alternate to mining. I agree with you on status of maternodes today, more like a market gimmick. No real purpose.
Dash is too expensive for me. As you said you need to be tech savvy to be able to run block Nodes on Tron and Eos. Plus I am guessing you need a lot of capital on top of technical knowledge.
I am wondering if there are still masternodes between range 1k-1500 that’s whorth investing in.


Eth POS will be interesting to see


Eth POS staking will basically function like a central bank for Ethereum, guaranteeing a certain minimum interest rate (and thus effectively create inflation).

Effectively, it will become mandatory to run either a staking node or participate in a staking pool for your cold storage - not to earn money, but just to keep up. And you’ll transfer some ETH here and there from your cold staking wallet to your hot wallet like Metamask/Saturn/Trust for daily usage.

This inflation mechanism will also most likely boost ICO investment. Now that simply HODLing ETH makes you lose money (due to inflation) you are incentivized to allocate capital somewhere where it will see greater returns. Successful ICOs should deliver gains above those provided by POS staking.


Not anymore, I’m afraid. If you like this way of making money your best bet is to wait for Cardano / ETH - both should be running in 2019


Much obliged @neuron, would love to share some insight on this topic…

Masternodes are a fundamental distinction in the structure of a network, and having this property yields many advantages and possibilities compared to a network without it, all else equal. Dash, as the first to employ such a system, is best of breed by the alignment of the other aspects of their network that allow the most value to be derived from having a masternode system. What I mean goes far beyond staking, hodling, or special functions of use such as private sending tx’s. Much more important, is the service that masternodes provide to the network in security and governance sense as well, which bodes for a working DAO model that has correctly aligned the incentives of it is constituents - one of the key issues that challenges DAO governance across the entire board.

Dash was forked from Bitcoin, and all points of differentiation, including the X11 algorithm, can be attributed to optimizing with consideration to the existence of masternodes. The result has manifested in a few distinct qualities, namely: fast transactions at scale (last measured upwards of 32tps at 3million tx/day) without a compromise in network security or decentralization. Also, the birth of Dash-funded communities around the world, pushing the collective’s interests in the name of crypto adoption exist today - which has put Dash in position to fully respond and capitalize upon the monetary crisis in Venezuela…

Its success is why it has been replicated so often - howver to my knowledge, there isn’t yet a compelling alternative to the masternode system employed by Dash. I haven’t been marketed to on this matter, either, so I’m not sure who else is trying to build on that and how… but so much as to say that Dash is far ahead on the learning curve aspect for this type of network and are coming out with deeper discoveries and innovations that point to a source of sustained competitive advantage; at the order of magnitude one could expect from blockchain + DAO governance. As such, masternodes are a part of blockchain evolution, and there’s little marketing can do compared to some real understanding of the components of blockchain technology and where we are at in the roadmap…

I am about to write an article about this stuff, so any and all comments are more than appreciated. I joined Dash to study their DAO as a direct result of my involvement with Saturn and the search for something of value to contribute. As for getting involved with one monetarily, there are several pooling services for staking into masternodes these days who will run the node for you for a small fee if you’re interested in generating fixed returns. Oh and one final note… masternodes =/= POS, they are two different roads in the fork of blockchain evolution. Longest road wins!


I like staking.


Any perticular projects?


I heard there is a new token called ONEX on ETC, one to watch? Gramaha will tell us I am sure!


@Neuron got some cardano and eth :nerd_face: looking forward to Shelley and Constantinople update… @sam will check out onex