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Maya Coin
Symbol: MAYA
0x14468ff6b324f1c5a869e62b9c442846e7d0baf1 Coin

Maya Coin will be the first ever cryptocurrency token ever to bring mergers and acquisition to the crypto world. Maya Coin will not only use blockchain technology to perform acquisitions of existing blockchain technology companies, but will also be used to acquire all types of assets including the purchases of profitable private & public companies that are outside the blockchain technology industry.

Maya Coin will be used as a monetary instrument to acquire assets such as real estate, patents, existing profitable private and public companies along with other intellectual properties. Maya Coin also incubates development of business ideas and companies with high growth potential. Every acquisition, business idea or existing business that Maya Coin creates/acquires will then be put into its own cryptocurrency vehicle.


Cool! Nice to see a project with a token on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Feel free to use our free Airdrop Tool for your airdrop!

Thanks guys we are big fans of the Saturn network and I believe soon we all can work together to bring major volume and buying to this exchange


I’ve uploaded MAYA logo for you :+1: should be updated today! If you would like to list MAYA, simply create a buy or sell order here:


Everything’s already been approved can you see if we can get dirty quickly and how do I get our coin shown on the eth assets

Please list Maya coin as soon as possible everything was done on gift hub and approved please email me when I am fully listed and you want to talk to you about next week’s press release we will be putting out that will include shatter Network

I tried to go to eth assets and click on buy a coin and place a trade a place to trade and go back to my wallet and confirm it but it never shows up? Do you know why the ability for my wallet to trade Maya coin is not there yet what I mean is when I’m logged on to my Saturn wallet Maya coin show up but when I click on it it gives me all the other options but not to trade it yet unlike when I do it with Maya preferred it has that symbol to trade straight for my wallet please help me thanks

Saturn Wallet has not been updated yet to include links to our exchange on Ethereum, this is in the works.

MAYA is listed and tradable:

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Good luck with your project, hope to hear more & see it grow!

Thanks and i believe everyone will be surprised on all MAYA projects

what about saturn dex and saturn wallet ??

" i believe everyone will be surprised on all MAYA projects " true, everyone without brain